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Graduate amounts to situation of 5.59 million obtain employment austere
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Meet again in July, another batch of record-breaking college graduate swarm into a labour market, together with is macroscopical economy is affected by calamity and international economy environment, obtain employment situation of China is faced with “ unprecedented the pressure of ” . Manpower resource and social security ministry held video meeting a few days ago, what ministerial Yin Wei Min conveyed pair of obtain employment situations is anxious. Statistical number shows, this year first half of the year, town of implementation of countrywide accumulative total increases obtain employment newly 6.4 million person, for 64% of annual goal assignment; Personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty again obtain employment number 2.82 million person; Number of obtain employment of the member that obtain employment strands difficult 770 thousand person.

Ministerial Yin Wei Min speaks of, calamity of ice and snow, especially big earthquake is sufferred to cause losing circumstance to fall first half of the year this year, countrywide obtain employment is total circumstance and the corresponding period kept balance basically last year, solid belong to not easy. Should see at the same time, working face of current obtain employment faces unprecedented pressure.

The Wei Min that occupy Yin introduces, many elements give obtain employment situation of China brought pressure 2008. Above all, the young worker amount that gives priority to body with college graduate achieves the history new tall. The information that comes from Ministry of Education shows, chinese college graduate will reach record-breaking 5.59 million person this year. Because there still is 700 thousand 2007 - 800 thousand undergraduate fails obtain employment, because need actually this 2008,the undergraduate of obtain employment will exceed 6 million person.

The uncertainty of Chinese macroscopical economy also can restrict obtain employment. In addition, sex of state-owned company policy goes bankrupt to also be met pressure of aggravate obtain employment. 2008 is China last years when sex of state-owned company policy goes bankrupt, also be Chinese government is advanced energetically energy-saving a year when decrease a platoon. Economic expert predicts, chinese come off sentry duty or unemployed personnel will be many emerge in large numbers.

As we have learned, this year second half of the year, manpower resource and social security ministry pursue the key the following jobs: It is to be carried out in the round " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " , perfect implement vigorous obtain employment policy, much channel, many sided adds obtain employment post. 2 it is to do obtain employment of good college graduate to work hard, had implemented the policy measure of obtain employment of stimulative college graduate, expedite college graduate is mixed to obtain employment of basic level obtain employment, civilian battalion industry own poineering channel, perfect graduate to the college obtain employment to serve, had done college graduate reached a village 2008 basic level support agriculture, religion, raise cure and plan of the job that help deficient up to carry out kimono Wu to expire the student's servive routine. 3 it is to be driven with all one's strength do poineering work drive obtain employment to work, form promote do poineering work the policy system that drives obtain employment, more perfect do poineering work groom system and poineering service system. 4 be energetically the obtain employment of difficult to the obtain employment such as family of 0 obtain employment group helps aggrandizement, exploration establishs lasting effect mechanism. 5 it is service of perfect and communal obtain employment, aggrandizement profession skill grooms, market of normative manpower resource, exploration builds system of obtain employment of equality of urban and rural laborer.
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