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Undergraduate exercitation appears low age change
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The reporter was recently in the investigation that how a few undergraduates plan summer vacation time to live to eyebrow hill city discovery, to accumulate working experience, those who abandon holiday be on exercitation post is accurate graduate not only, many big one, big because the low grade student of 2 increases increasingly obtain employment pressure, also be on exercitation post early.

Undergraduate: We are very actually helpless

“ plans originally summer vacation goes out to travel, spend a happy summer vacation. But present obtain employment pressure is so great, undergraduate increasing, learn to grow learn elder sister people it is so difficult to apply for a job, we dare not treat sth lightly more, the recreational life that is obliged to quit summer vacation time goes attending a society to take exercise. What ” learns major of Chinese character literature is big 2 students Zhang Lin tells a reporter, “ we are very actually helpless also, but reality is so brutal, you are not cheered, others compares you go down. ”

“ summer vacation jackarooes to the unit, can add a weight with applying for a job for graduation! What ” reads economics major is big the word of one schoolgirl small Zhao, spoke much low age the trainee's idea.

In the meantime, also the student points out, the hand when the school is putting summer vacation sends a piece " society of summer vacation time carries out a watch " , cover 8 items such as the exercitation unit full name, practice result that is engaged in not less than specific post, 1000 words and expressional appraisal. And after term begins, this form should regard appraise through comparison as the basis of student of practice of outstanding summer vacation time, this also became one of matters that they jackaroo ahead of schedule.

The parent: Let the child win on the scratch line

Compare with students, the obtain employment pressure that student parents feel also is very big. Position is won in the following competition to let the child, they also the opportunity that ground of try every means seeks an exercitation for the child.

Ms. Zhang tells a reporter, his son goes up next year big 2, she is trying to let the child take a better office unit field trip, give plating of exercitation resume “ aureate ” . “ servantchooses a person for a job now the demand of the unit is higher and higher, ask not only tall record of formal schooling, still ask to have the working experience of relevant industry. Let the child jackaroo in unit of a few jobs only, his ability is more mature see a problem, let the child win on the scratch line. ”

In interviewing, a lot of parents express in the reporter to support low grade undergraduate to jackaroo ahead of schedule. They think to be only in real work, the student just can know the work after all is how one and the same, it is useful that he suit to become what, what knowledge more, do to oneself intellectual structure what complement and adjust, the human relation in how handling the work is waited a moment, this will conduce to them more comprehensive ground knows oneself and understanding profession, design the professional career that oneself will come to scientificly accordingly.
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