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Renown look forward to " recreational " invite applications for a job is graduat
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A cup of green tea, a cup of coffee, summer of sorching of dishful candy …… , hangzhou is new and high talent market “ makes an appointment to be in high-quality goods of new and high ” enterprise special performance invite applications for a job can greet company of numerous and new and high technology. July, poineering software, China wait for many well-known company to will lie fallow with such “ for system of Cheng of software of company, NEC, grand, Alibaba ” means Zhao Xianna just, roll out nearly 70 position in all, demand of more than 400 choose and employ persons.

Summerly Japan is invite applications for a job off-season, nevertheless software industry regards the “ of Hangzhou high new developed area as one of ” of two strong industries, develop all the time relatively swift and violent, very exuberant also to the talent's demand. July, the demand of choose and employ persons of 2/3 is computer-oriented professional. Last week 6, poineering software took the lead in rolling out company special performance, main invite applications for a job has the talented person of the professional skill such as JAVA, .NET, Web. On July 19, china also set 15 position such as software development, hardware development for company and NEC software, demand of nearly 150 choose and employ persons. The invite applications for a job of special performance of grand Cheng system July 20 is met on, still hit “ to hire ” banner urgently, hire engineers of 15 data storehouse application development, and a certain number of trainees are engaged in demand software checks, think for next year successful obtain employment increases 2009 graduate of weight used on a balance, can head for try.

New and high company expands of dimensions ceaselessly as the enterprise, more and more exuberant to selling the demand of kind of talent. On July 27, alibaba will hold invite applications for a job of special performance of company of “ high-quality goods ” to meet again, roll out more than 100 demand such as commissioner of phone sale, customer service. Three-year institution of higher learning graduates, the person that have experience of service industry of Internet of a year of above, will be enterprise hunt target. This year, as Alibaba of the website ceaseless and reconstructive with upgrade, the enterprise begins to cast big-leaf hydrangea greatly to 2008 graduate, the new label phone that roll out sells position, be aimed at the graduate that annals sells a profession at be engaged in technically. The poineering software that runs invite applications for a job to meet Saturday originally also rolled out the position such as manager of assistant of selling manager, sale, channel, the talented person that knows a technology to know to sell relatively suffer an enterprise to welcome.

As new " labor contract law " promulgate carry out, the manpower resource person specially assigned for a job that has professional ability is very popular. In July, NEC software, China for the technology these two enterprises want invite applications for a job this kind of talent. Personnel of company invite applications for a job expresses: Laws and regulations of familiar and active law, can wait for some module to have in invite applications for a job, performance, compensation quite the talent of experience most suffer an enterprise to favor. In the meantime, the “ that leads as the enterprise is left arm sword arm ” , the demand of foreign language level of manpower resource worker is higher, undertake in order to go to the lavatory communication with foreign nationality tall canal better.
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