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Undergraduate: Professional ability is deficient in difficult obtain employment
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Graduate of average this year college will amount to China 5.59 million person, add 640 thousand person than 7 years, but the town this year adds China newly obtain employment post did not increase apparently, situation of graduate obtain employment is grim.

Began in March, job of college graduate obtain employment spread out in the round 2008, the of all kinds invite applications for a job that Chinese each district holds for college graduate is met like a raging fire. However, a lot of graduate run again and again invite applications for a job can do not have results tardy however.

Li Aijun of Heibei college this year's graduates says, invite applications for a job of his field field can go, but often be to connect resume to also be not cast give a few. Without giving thought to,the Zhang Wenbo of institute of technology of profession of Heibei building materials is however professional whether speak or sing alternately and the sea is cast, with period can have a gleam of hope, practical effect also not beautiful.

Undergraduate obtain employment is difficult already not was a new issue, the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is newest release " social blue book " point out, 2007, in 4.95 million college graduate of countrywide, up to now still 1 million person did not find the job.

“ faces various obtain employment difficult problem, what the professional capacity that uses how many brains to have place of unit of choose and employ persons to approbate as him undergraduate comes is actual. ” Gu Xiaomin suggests accordingly, door of Ministry of Education should strengthen the ability to the undergraduate to foster, she thinks, " labor contract law " after carrying out, door of Ministry of Education should think over consistent the education target since, it is an university not just, include middle and primary school, want to value accomplishment education of the student, of good because of a person accomplishment form, from university phase begins education to be late already. Learn to grab as a child only, ability forms true viewpoint of value and the ability that solve a problem integratedly.

Gu Xiaomei tells a reporter, why to make much undergraduate would rather be exploited by the enterprise before give work in vain even, work in the enterprise even, on one hand, it is very difficult to find the job that one works or oneself like, competitor is very much, good enter a business not easily, had the opportunity that stay; On the other hand, what cannot ignore is, a lot of undergraduates stand this paragraph of provoking day, still be to can acquire real professional skill, make oneself make the useful gift that is not ignored inside a certain domain or industry, enhance the competitive ability of oneself.

This is the process that a passive professional ability learns. Because active educational system ignored middle and primary school to be born even the training education of professional ability of the undergraduate, this does not have the class that attend inside the school, want to fill on hall of a lecture given to a large number of students necessarily on, and it is to want to fill quickly go up, face the risk that is eliminated likely otherwise.
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