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08 duty field: How to seize Olympic Games new opportunity
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Some company is newest an investigation shows, each are big industry to in the demand of high-end talent appears generally to increase a current steadily, among them blame with sale, plan, design kind talent demand is most exuberant; In the meantime, the industry that has strong professional background and innovation consciousness is technical talent still popular, and as 2008 the arrival of the drawing near of Olympic Games footstep and Spring Festival, sell quickly, there will be opportunity of more obtain employment in the service industry such as meal, travel.

  Sale talented person: Market manager is hot

If “ says the demand of pair of market sale talented people is in 2007 is the word that trots all the way, thorn of a favorable opposition is at the beginning of 2008 so. Adviser of advanced person with ability of ” this company points out, march and occupational the inevitable trend that 23 lines city has made development of major product sale business expand, the sale company integral demand growth to the talent is quite accordingly vigorous, make one of trades with talent demand the rapiddest 2007 growth. Speak of specific popular position, he expresses, project general manager is in 2007 still is the closest spruce with one of post with firewood top fulfil. “ sale enterprise innovates to channel and the heavy visual range of talent of brand public relations is spent increase, more apparent than having before two years reflect. This kind of talent, outside eliminating sale, put in to brand, market even familiar, rich project sells administrative experience, yearly salary can be achieved 500 thousand - 800 thousand. ” medicine Xiao Hui says.

Engineer a talent: Operation chief inspector is the most popular

Liu Xiaohua of hunt head manager points out, industry of landed, commerce, energy grows year end to show to the talent's demand jump impetus, include to be sold finance, dress, quickly, the industry such as IT, gap of business talented person is very big, resemble manager of operation chief inspector, layout, project manager, client manager especially such in high-end position, demand is extremely exuberant, a lot of position pass the means advance side by side- do two or more things at once of network invite applications for a job and talent hunt head. “ is run to perfectness industry project especially, have 5 years - the professional handler that 8 years above industry manages experience is very strange be short of, yearly salary is in normally 300 thousand - 1.5 million yuan between. ” Liu Xiaohua says.

Technology kind talent: New talent is likewise welcome

As a result of project of urban capital construction and manufacturing industry project substantially enlarge is added, manufacturing industry, mechanical design makes kind of demand to high-grade technology qualified personnel rise considerably.

No matter “ is heat of financial heat, Olympic Games heat, the sources of energy or capital construction heat, in high-end technology kind the talent still is the pillar that supports these heat industries, be opposite or multinomial technology is perfectness, demand of the technology that has innovation and capacity of research and development talent especially big. These position are valued very much before working success and professional setting. Advisory Du Juan still mentions resource of ” high labor power, a few be thought by undergraduates very the major of “ cold ” is built like earth, geological, Electromechanical, the competition ability in obtain employment market is sent more strong. “ is close 9 years, the technology of major of fractionize ‘ cold ’ kind graduate, especially graduate student more and more make hot handsome appearance, their firewood fulfil starting point is otherer also post is high. ” Du Juan expresses.
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