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Countrywide town registers unemployed man 8.35 million person
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From manpower resource and Yin Chengji of spokesman of news of social security ministry 31 days say, register unemployed personnel up to town of the whole nation end June 8.35 million person, the town unemployment rate that register is 4% .

Yin Chengji is the manpower resource that holding here and social security ministry make on 2 quarters press conference afore-mentioned denotive.

According to Introduction Yin Chengji, 1-6 month, town of implementation of countrywide accumulative total increases obtain employment staff newly 6.4 million person, for annual goal assignment 64% of 10 million person; Unemployment of come off sentry duty

Personnel again obtain employment number 2.82 million person, for annual goal assignment 56% of 5 million person; The member that obtain employment strands difficult realizes obtain employment 770 thousand person, for annual goal assignment 77% of 1 million person.

Yin Chengji says, be aimed at obtain employment again obtain employment, resource of manpower of second half of the year and social security ministry basically had done 7 fields work this year: Carry out in the round fulfil the State Council to restore to industry is produced and enlarge spirit of obtain employment informal discussion, cogent the obtain employment that has made pair of stricken be hit by a natural adversity regions helps the work; Carry out in the round " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " , perfect and implement vigorous obtain employment policy; Drive with all one's strength do poineering work drive obtain employment to work; Do obtain employment of good college graduate to work hard; Perfect obtain employment helps system and method, cogent help strands difficult personnel and obtain employment of family of 0 obtain employment; Perfect and communal obtain employment serves, market of normative manpower resource; Increase strength of vocational training job, be aimed at different group laborer, the organization begins corresponding vocational training, accelerate high skill talent to foster, raise ability of laborer obtain employment and skill level ceaselessly.