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Talent also this " be saleable satisfy the need "
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Before before long, the news that look forward to of a school cooperates makes the author very unripe sigh with emotion. According to the report, this collaboration runs a school, use collaboration of look forward to of “3 1” school to develop pattern, develop both sides of school look forward to to develop the resource dominant position of the respect in the talent namely, the student is in school study 3 years, carry out a year to the enterprise, realize a college to explore new-style education thereby mode, the enterprise acquires high quality staff, the student gains exercitation opportunity and working experience, the “ that lays in a talent for industry and even social education 4 gain ” result.

School look forward to cooperates, interact together the idea that develops a person with ability is good. It is much those who win lift, it is design of a when our country education works major institution and innovation.

According to statistic, countrywide college graduated 2008 5.59 million person, obtain employment pressure is outstanding still. It is difficult ” of “ obtain employment on one hand, it is ” of “ mechanic barren however on the other hand. The contradictory protruding that “ hires difficult ” and “ to look for labour difficult ” shows market demand and the amlposition that the talent fosters. The undergraduate that school education comes out, cannot “ is saleable ” of satisfy the need, the enterprise is not used, and the talent that the enterprise is badly in need of wanting, the school however cannot a large number of “ yield ” , these general contradiction, bring about “ at the same time at a loose end is careless, at the same time the existence of phenomenon of ” of starved to death ox, the waste that creates the unused, handsome appearance that teachs resource and aggravate the contradiction with difficult obtain employment.

School look forward to cooperates, carry the school and business interact together, execute “ to nod heavy education ” , or the way that the enterprise needs what talent to develop what person with ability, the school developed oneself adequately to teach resource advantage, the enterprise has the talented person that fits him place need, the exercitation of repass enterprise and education, can achieve what “ enrols to come namely, the can use ” end that come. The ” of “ straight be open to traffic that school look forward to cooperates to be college and obtain employment. Collaboration of school look forward to increased to foster the talent's specific aim and applicability, can reduce the waste that teachs resource already, found for the undergraduate again learn to have special skill or knowledge, learn the ground of the use force that uses somewhat, also nod education to suit the “ that he needs to have the talented person of experience ” surely for the enterprise at the same time.
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