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Liaoning obtain employment achieves 10 years of best levels
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The reporter saves a government to understand from Liaoning, the problem of unemployment of come off sentry duty that puzzles this province for a time presents major change. The Liaoning town unemployment rate that register is in first half of the year this year drop 4 years continuously fall on the foundation to 3.9% , come 10 years first under countrywide average level. This is occupied make clear, liaoning already began to swing “ unemployment to save ” cap greatly, enter the grade with economic progress and sufficient benign and interactive obtain employment.

Go up century since 90 time metaphase, liaoning adds up to about 1.8 million worker leaves post from the state-owend enterprise, giant and unemployed group becomes the number one difficult problem that puzzles Liaoning development and stability. Advance northeast to revitalize the strategy 5 years to come in the round, liaoning is various government from beginning to end enlarge the project of the people's livelihood such as obtain employment to be caught as main job, carried out a series of obtain employment to promote policy, exploration gives “ real name of ”“ of mechanism of aid of effect of presiding judge of home of 0 obtain employment makes the new approach such as obtain employment ” , broken solved difficult problem of high unemployment rate.

Liaoning province works and Daqing of long Xu of deputy hall of social security hall tells a reporter: “ turns round obtain employment to strand impasse face thoroughly, be from what capture family of ’ of 0 obtain employment realizes ‘ after this hard bone. ” Liaoning purchases commonweal post, development through the government public service offers post, urge a variety of measure such as poineering creation post, solved the obtain employment difficult problem of family of 180 thousand 0 obtain employment entirely. Return creativity to begin Pu Hui to make groom, the enterprise of unemployed to inducting personnel undertakes duty expends derate, for “4050” big again obtain employment group offers unemployment of provide for the aged insurance subsidy, help difficult group realize obtain employment.

Liaoning returns year after year to increase the “ of obtain employment policy to contain Troy ” , come 5 years accumulative total throws obtain employment to support fund many yuan 90. Complete province grooms unemployed from hillock personnel about a hundred 10 thousand people, groom obtain employment rate achieves 70% above. Strengthen obtain employment to serve establishment construction at the same time, built service center of 114 the function is perfect regional obtain employment. The reporter saw in service center of obtain employment of distant in relief city a few days ago, the electron is beating a platoon uses industry news caption on screen greatly, unemployed man resembles seeing stock market grail same, catch trends of obtain employment market in time, bum policy seeks advice with the service.
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