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OL suffers from carefully " on Monday syndrome "
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“ dizzy, whole body is lack of power, right what thing is carried do not have interest! “ asks for ” integratedly on Monday ” is original more serious, add the Olympic Games to just end, ” of many “ office worker appeared yesterday afore-mentioned symptom. The expert suggests everybody develops his interest interest more, set right biological clock, look for a person to chat more, the low ebb that will spend psychology with this period.

The whole people sees the day of the Olympic Games already announced an end, present key is refresh restores to go in normal life.

Office worker is general very lose

“ feeling spends a red-letter day, have lose feeling. Miss Huang that ” works in public relations company describes oneself and work in the same placing so the mood yesterday. She expresses, resemble celebrating a festival during the Olympic Games same, when work in the same placing eat lunch together, can attend a meeting around the Olympic Games everyday, also can watch Olympic Games living broadcast at ordinary times, perhaps see a network heat up belle of Tie Liaoshuai elder brother. “ full half month, every day wonderful. But appear now at a draught whats disappeared. Everybody's word is a lot of less today. ”

Former office can broadcast the Olympic Games song that passion is permeated with everyday, picture " Beijing welcomes you " , " We Are Ready! " wait, below such atmosphere the job feels special to have energy, the Olympic Games ends, the office becomes inanimate again. Miss Cai that pursues a plan in company of some brand clothing yesterday says so, because “ is weekly one itself goes to work to be asked for integratedly with respect to existence, touch again now on the Olympic Games ends, it may be said is our most provoking day now. ”

The reporter understands in interview, young lady resembling Cai suffers from so on the ” of “ office worker of “ sequela ” still has many, they express in succession, position of the job previously, life just can regain after at least wants 3 days two most.

The netizen sends Tie Yishu frowsty meaning

“ Olympic Games ended, influential to your life? ” reporter discovers yesterday, the netizens on each big community forum are discussing this topic.

Netizen “zcb0105” says: “ China spent the Olympic Games that prepares 7 years, ended so. I do not know to be able to how many person follows me same, feeling so lose, I do not know the following Olympic Games still has passion to saw ……” this post cause the resonance of many netizens, the birdie ” of swimming of netizen “ knowledge also say: Half month comes to “ , was used to early in the morning to open TV to watch news, return the office and colleague to talk about an Olympic Games, watch living broadcast, after coming off work, broadcasting station hears on the bus, after returning the home, continue to watch TV. Ended now, a kind of lose feels very intense. ”
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