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Huinan conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting the provinces human r
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Duocuobingju extensive study spirit of the meeting. First, the county held leading group members of the unit personnel working conference, to convey the spirit of the province's human resources work session to allow members to profoundly understand the spiritual essence of units, and quickly adopt implementing measures. Second, the relevant content into the spirit of the meeting the deputy bureau chief in 2010 the county level cadres to test content, so profoundly and reserve cadres, and thoroughly. Third is to use all kinds of meetings an opportunity to actively promote the spirit of the province's human resources work session, so that party members and cadres extensive study, the current association so to train more than 100 people. Development of planning, to promote the implementation of the tasks. Plan, "county-second five-talent development plan" to enrich the strategic task of the province's human resources work. First, planning and implementation personnel training, attracting, and other items used to enhance all types of personnel, efforts to create talent "Heights." Second, the planning and implementation personnel training and development, selection, appointment, evaluation found that the current configuration, encouraging the development of protection mechanism, to maximize the talent stimulate creativity, General enthusiasm. Third, plan the implementation of talent management system, scientific management, effective management to achieve a breakthrough, to be effective management. Implement the responsibility to gather the human resources work force. First, clear objectives and tasks personnel to implement the functions of the departments to form a "number one" catch "first resource", the departmental responsibility and work closely with the pattern; the second is to implement the objectives of human resources management responsibility, the implementation of quantitative assessment, comprehensive assessment , as the evaluation of the sector an important basis for performance; third radio, television, Internet and other media professionals working to increase the propaganda and guide their efforts on human resources work, the formation of party-led, government-led, social participation lively situation.