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Enterprise management personnel at the four characteristics
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In the "day rate" has become a hot job candidates chasing the same time, Japanese companies employing the methods concern. Management of four major characteristics of Japanese companies: Culture: and style Panasonic, for example, into the Matsushita Electric (China) Limited's office, you will find various branches of the block seating arrangements, and center display all the table. With departmental staff, including ministers, including all face to face Sit together, completely different from the prevailing internal baffle of the "lattice" type seating. "In China, this is the only right government, organs of the head office also has its own room." Moreover, major Japanese Enterprises in China, Japanese companies have followed the "Society to sing the morning song", regular staff meeting, everyone spoke the ideological expression of the dynamic life of recent work. In fact, the special seating, so hard at work among people with private space, the domestic U.S. and European companies generally recognized fast-paced, high-efficient working condition. For people who work in Japanese companies, must be able to Enough to adapt to the culture of Japanese companies such special Caixing. Promotion: Slow Slow Once popular in foreign invested enterprises "glass ceiling" in this term, meaning employees in foreign companies in China is difficult to achieve high positions. On this issue, Mr. Chen, "there is no clear feeling." "Perhaps because Deputy Minister I have done the seat, I do not think the Japanese companies to suppress the development of the Chinese people, "Chen said. However, the Japanese companies employing retarder is different from Europe and America has really slow state-owned enterprises and employment characteristics. This is followed by Japanese companies, the idea of seniority. Relevant senior source said that even if graduates are excellent, from a blank sheet to be long lines (Chief) of the positions in Japanese companies Where at least have more than four years time. The internal personnel training, to Matsushita, for example, Panasonic (China) there is the famous "special, said upgrading the system," "special called" equivalent to the domestic titles examinations, including the main worry When, Deputy Counselor, counselor, etc., special pay, said directly linked with the job, this is the tradition of Panasonic Corporation: "jobs" include line length, section chief, Minister, etc., linked directly with the subsidy, it is with Chinese characteristics part . Both in hardware and software with the company after the strict conditions in order to obtain the recommended qualifications and experience of written tests, interviews, will be subject ,7-8 months of hard work, work process and the results published in a series of complex processes to Before they can finally decide whether to raise special said. So, in a special called Panasonic to enhance, usually have about 1 year study period. Salary: dependent to the old General staff salaries at the level of prices generally lower than U.S. and European companies, the pay is absolute, and in fact this is also the Japanese companies with U.S. and European companies in the different cultural values led to differences in the way to pay. Where in the U.S. and European companies, accustomed to working all the time with the money to pay. The employees working at corporate malpractices during the remaining part of the salary payments later in retirement, thus ensuring employees remain in retirement With life assurance. It worked for 6 years in the Japanese companies said Miss Zhang, a monthly salary of Japanese companies in general between 2500-6000 yuan, while employed by the company will pay the "four gold." In bonuses, housing funds, housing Allowance, meal allowance, travel expenses, paid leave and other welfare measures, but also very thoughtful. In addition, according to senior sources said Japanese companies, so a certain level, the Japanese companies with U.S. and European companies is not much difference in salary. Recruitment in China: the middle of adoption Japanese companies have a long history it is like to use "white" the same people, so graduates find work in Japan would be a great choice. As with China, Japan's education system similar, are not particularly strong Transfer application, which makes the famous Japanese company employee training system is very large and detailed. Panasonic staff training, especially well-known, often called "new members into the" Panasonic will accept 6 months to 2 years in the corporate culture and professional training. However, the particularity of the Chinese market, such training is difficult in China Local fully expanded, Panasonic (China) is still a member of the "intermediate use" (have had experience in recruiting persons) based, the company is currently maintaining a 10% annual turnover, equivalent to 70 people coming and going, one-third The Second-round recruitment is for the community. In addition, Japanese companies often recruit from the sex, age, background to the work requirements are very clear, but the Japanese companies in the recruitment of staff has been very "reserved", they do not like to recruit talent-style supermarkets Employed will be that as it will affect the company's image, but also mixed easily in the human eye exposed to many companies and organizations, so Japanese companies Xiguan Yu headhunting service, or through online job site, job information.