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Province special recruitment talent market - professional positions favored
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Lawyers, accountants, auditing ... ... these past few job market for college graduates employment, November 24 appear in the province of intellectuals Association special recruitment of college graduates at the public welfare, attracting many candidates persons. 8 o'clock in the morning, the recruitment site has been full of people. Many candidates found, and in the past compared to the day job fair employers to provide highly technical professional positions, have higher demands on candidates. Reporter at the scene, lawyers, accountants class post the most popular candidates, recruitment booth is always a long line. Zhejiang Junan century, in addition to hiring the law firm clerk, but also introduced the two legal positions. Hiring Jiapei Xian told reporters that this is the first time the company's recruitment of lawyers through the talent market, and many candidates, "We apply for the position who require a higher, not only through the judicial examination, but also required candidates to have completed a internship year, so few qualified candidates. " However, enthusiasm for candidates is still high, especially for legal, accounting graduates, this is a rare opportunity. Anhui University of Finance Zhang Yue is a senior in law, specifically came to Hangzhou to find work. She is applying for legal assistant position. This reporter saw the post not only a professional legal knowledge, but also fluent in English and finance. Zhang Yue smiled and told reporters: "rarely encountered such a counterpart of the job fair, it does not matter even if the candidate fails." Although to the scene to fresh graduates who apply for the majority, but they are confident, talkative, was impressed by the employer. Party Accounting Firm, Zhejiang launched with the financial audit assistant, tax assistance, property assessment assistants 60 posts, requiring candidates to be economics or science and engineering majors a college graduate. Morning, the company responsible for the recruitment of Mr Yu had received 16 resumes. The Chen Law Firm, Zhejiang, Gay told reporters on the candidates as demanding job, very few people qualified, but she received a resume that several graduates. "We will develop a number of trainee solicitors each year, and hope to select graduates." According to statistics, that day more than 100 employers will participate in the recruitment, providing a total of more than 3,000 jobs and attract more than 5,000 candidates, 1,200 people have reached a preliminary intention.