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Open selection of cadres and personnel in Guangdong normalization of 39 6 Muni
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■ core tips This year, the number of central ministries and provinces, for the selection of a higher level of social public officials, creating a number of years the most. Open selection, the difference between the senior officials of the selection tends to become a general trend. CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Central Organization Department Minister Li Yuanchao repeatedly beating the cadre and personnel system reform of the "secret strong drum sound" and demanded to increase the intensity of competitive selection of cadres. July 2008, the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang in the performance of their duties, Guangdong Province, near the city and county levels jointly launched a public election hundred level leading cadres Office. He was held in early 2008, the provincial organization of the meeting that the direction of the cadre and personnel system reform is to expand democracy so that candidates running in the sunshine of human rights. 1 "Toronto" to "cross the river" Staff Job which areas are not all, but not all of which department. The implementation of large public election Major changes in the past existed in some places, "of no progress," "no tune" phenomenon October 27, selected in Huizhou City, the public will have five hurdles, after the difference between the recommendation, the difference between the inspection, the difference between the other four brewing "mark", after the nine programs, such as 3 Zouping Sheng Huizhou Municipal People's Congress is finally Standing Committee were appointed as the city's Science and Technology Bureau, Audit Bureau, Secretary of Marine Fisheries. These three sectors register a total of 42 competition, the difference between the average rate of 14:1. "Way of the Dragon, 'public choice' is placed in the 'Toronto' in front of a river!" Native 46-year-old Zouping Sheng Jiangxi, previously President of Huizhou City Associations. In Cantonese, is the early 90s from the 20th century, a state-owned enterprises in Jiangxi south of the "Martial Law." "In 1990, I decided to south of Guangdong Development. At the time, I knew no one in Guangdong, but in an open competitive selection has been appointed to the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey Bureau Deputy Factory Manager of light electrical appliances. In 2002, I attended the public Huizhou election, but also knew no one, but to win the post of vice chairman of Huizhou City Associations. rules of fairness, equal opportunity, this is the most attractive places of public elections. "Zouping Sheng said. Huizhou, Guangdong is also a national public election in 2010 as a epitome of public election tide. This year, the number of central ministries and provinces, for the selection of a higher level of social public officials, creating a number of years the most. Requirements of the Seventeenth Party Congress, uphold the principle of cadres, adhere to democracy, openness, competition and merit, the formation of a scientific mechanism for selecting and appointing cadres. Staff Job which areas are not all, but not all of which department. Significantly alter the implementation of public elections in the past existed in some places, "of no progress," "no tune" phenomenon. Released by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department of Information Display, 2008, cities and counties hundreds of joint public and elected Office of division-level leadership cadres, 84 people from other provinces. More than half came from outside the province, outside the city unit. Provincial Organization Department, according to statistics issued by the Central Organization Department from 2004 open selection and competition to the end of 2009, the Interim Provisions, the province were open selection of leading cadres at all levels, more than 2,000, while 20,000 cadres go through competition leadership positions at all levels. 2 Competitive selection of prominent persons post vice-phase fitness room Purpose of the outstanding cadres of the "most appropriate" people choose the most appropriate position, weakening the simple By votes from people-oriented, so it not just a ticket to see tickets November 8, Chen Jian, Liu Wei, Gu Shaoming other selected this year's competition generated by the appointment system of 11 provincial deputy department procedures formally adopted by the leading cadres, took office. This is the second in 2008 the Office of Public Election hundred level cadres in 2009, after the selection of 38 Deputy Hall, once again, Deputy Office of competitive selection. Guangdong competitive selection for 3 years, Deputy Office, which means the Guangdong bureau the following competitive selection of leading cadres have been appointed into the normalization. It is understood that a fair, competitive selection of the program upon approval immediately informed the relevant provincial departments, so that timely disclosure of information. All units are published in advance before the meeting recommended Xuanba jobs, the number of candidates for the conditions, procedures, requirements, etc., so that information is completely transparent. Before the second recommendation, the preliminary candidates will be written in advance of nearly 3 years Honest and Clean issuance of the report read to the cadres and masses of participants can be in-depth understanding of German candidates for case handling performance on the basis of honest thinking ahead, prepare in advance an assessment, do information on the full symmetry. Conditions on the candidate does not age, sex and number of years worked, who meet the "Appointment Ordinance of cadres," the cadres specified conditions are eligible to enter the meeting as a candidate recommendation process, so that conditions of equality non-discrimination. It is worth mentioning that the competitive selection, while in a democratic recommended separate "phase post moderate people," the evaluation, aimed at the outstanding cadres in the "right" people choose the most appropriate position, weakening the simple to vote take people-oriented, so it not just a ticket to see votes to change the votes in the election and appointment of the "weight", weakening canvassing motivation. Both the broad participation of the masses of several rounds of recommendation, assessment, the basis for another party full deliberation and inspection object by principle of democratic centralism ballot candidates. Provincial Organization Department, according to statistics, the province's 11 this year, deputy department selection of leading cadres, which were consolidated total score of each job candidate ranked first, credibility is relatively high. 3 Six cities in the province directly under the chief public election 39 In addition, Shenzhen, Shantou, Huizhou, Meizhou, Chaozhou, Jiangmen, Yangjiang 7 prefecture level, other such as Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Heyuan, Yunfu, Zhanjiang City, are also open selection for the national or provincial level leading cadres November 25 this year, while another message board from Shenzhen significant major media slots. In August this year, 8 acclaimed selection of city management are leading cadres at the bureau level, 22 leading cadres after the deputy bureau chief level, the city has come up with financial development services Director, Academy of Social Sciences, the Director of Public Works construction, investment holding group Chairman and General Manager of Publishing Group chief directly under the 5 important selection generally acclaimed. Prior to this, both in academic circles or in the practical level, the scope of the public on the election, what position to compete out what job does not come up to competition, lack of uniform regulations, local practices differ. Some people think that some local public elections are mostly women's federations, trade unions, Communist Youth League and schools that are not being valued in the "unpopular" positions. Some people believe that competitive selection is often limited to the departments of the deputy leadership posts, the appointment system can be extended to all leadership positions, "top leaders" and elected leadership posts, the system should also actively explore and intensify. Public Election confined to "unpopular positions", "deputy status" of the practice, Guangdong, have the courage to break? Back in 2008 the Office of Public Election hundred level cadres, some people raised the issue. It is understood that this way of municipal by competitive selection and appointment of 216 level cadres. Among them, at least seven to level listing out the important principal of open selection 39. Among them, 13 out of Shenzhen, Shantou has 9, Huizhou, Meizhou, Chaozhou the 5, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, 1 each. These positions include both municipal chief person in charge of large enterprises, there are important government departments, but also covers the important decision-making advisory body responsible for the people. In addition to these seven cities, others such as Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Heyuan, Yunfu, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Foshan, Dongguan and other cities are also open selection for the national or provincial level leading cadres. 4 The right to extend the nomination to the diversification Party Fourth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth stressed that expansion of selection and appointment of democracy, establish and improve the main clear, Science program, the responsibility of selecting and appointing cadres clear nomination system "Working so many years, recommended to participate in the selection of cadres, or the first time!" This year in July, Huizhou Municipal Office held a mobilization meeting for mid-level competition, driving in the unit for many years master Huang suddenly found themselves and their leadership has also been nominated as the right. "From the Deputy Secretary-General to the Office of the Deputy Director, to the chief who, to all ordinary cadres and workers, including drivers bigwigs and the general public and service personnel, everyone will work together scoring, recommending cadres. This large coverage, the scope of widely recommended in the office of cadres is unprecedented in history. "Huizhou Municipal Committee, Party Secretary-General Wu Weihua says in the mobilization meeting. Huizhou Municipal Office, not only in the internal organs, but in the Huizhou City, concerned about the public election of the people also have found that not only recommended by the traditional leadership recommended, but also people recommend even personal recommendation. The nomination selection of cadres gradually extended to the diversity, which is selected in Guangdong public phenomenon. Not long ago, Meizhou City, the township party committee secretary of the directly-elected when the generally acclaimed the provisions recommended by the county leaders signed, the organization recommended, but also by personal application, more than 10 members jointly recommended by the masses. "The most fundamental reform of the cadre and personnel system, the key link, is how to achieve the democratization of selecting and employing people." National School of Administration, said the case of the bamboo stand at home. This approach has a strong practical significance. The party's congress that selecting and appointing cadres to adhere to the "democracy, openness, competition and merit." "Democracy" as "the first prerequisite." The Fourth Session of the Seventeenth Party plenum stressed that to expand democracy in selecting and employing people, establish and improve the main clear, scientific procedures, clear responsibilities nomination system for selecting and appointing cadres. Encourage a variety of channels recommended cadres recommended to open up the virtuous path, expand the selection from party and government cadres. Reform of the existing personnel system "core and crucial" part of being here. 5 The direction of the judges is made large to explore "Great judges" system caused by political, academic strong concern is considered to be adhering to the Party Controlled under the leadership of democracy is a "worth exploring in the direction" "Who speaks it, I'll vote for who!" In the town of Meixian acclaimed rock fans to vote on-site direct township party secretary, 40 years of party standing in the town are the new East Village party secretary Xiaoshi straightforward language to express his candidate's requirements. "Direct election of township Party secretary of the acclaimed, all party members have the right to vote, that means all members are judges, each candidate must be accepted and the questions they ask." Provincial Organization Department of the relevant person in charge said. In fact, back in 2008, the "double hundred" program that the province's first "great judges" system, provincial and municipal party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, cadres and the masses post their units, provincial, municipal-related units middle-level cadres as judges over the last six evaluation aspects of the judges more than 1 million the total number of people, cadres and the masses are called "people choose Baiguan." Open selection in 2009, more than 6,900 cadres of the provincial government departments, in the democratic evaluation, structured interviews, such as different aspects of selecting and appointing cadres to fulfill the right to choose, supervise. "Great judges" system caused by political, academic strong concern is considered to be under the leadership of the Party's controlled democracy, is a "direction worth exploring." Hongyu Provincial Party School Vice President pointed out that the "big jury system" the advantage is reflected in three aspects: First, the judges from more extensive and more rational structure, expanding the participation of cadres and the masses face, to improve public confidence in selection and appointment; II is conducive to a more scientific and objective evaluation of cadres, to prevent and overcome the "small number of jury selection," the defects, the effective containment "canvassing" and "hello" and other non-organizational behavior; third position units to participate in more than half of all cadres and candidates evaluation, conducted an objective is equivalent to the unit by the cadres to participate in the democratic recommendation, better and "cadre appointment Regulations" link. Other than the jury system, the province in the implementation process of public elections, but also actively explore the "full overlay" supervision, social supervision role to play. Hire reporters, "on behalf of a member of two" public election as supervisor of the whole process of all the "zero distance" of supervision. "We have to participate in grass-roots party scrutineers process!" At 10:40 on November 13 in the town of Meixian acclaimed rock fans to vote direct election of township Party secretary-site, grass-roots party members Wuchuan Wu made his comments. His proposal was generally acclaimed the county leading group of the adoption of direct elections. "Scrutineer who in addition to the General Assembly staff and the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Party members outside the town authorities, together with grass-roots party members, the election results better reflect the fair and just." Wuchuan Wu said. 6 After the election relations over public relations practice in another Province through a competitive selection of leading cadres resulting in good overall growth, indicating that most of the Public selecting cadres, and have a "test off" but also a few "practical off" Although the exam is visible a people "fair", easy-to-acceptable. However, the public inevitably will choose a number of "test specialized households" benefit, how to overcome alone piece of paper, a lecture, "Heroes," the disadvantages? These are the cadre and personnel system reform unavoidable problems. Practice shows that the province's public elections, not simply to test from people, votes from people, comprehensive written examination, interview, report his work and other traditional means of speech, man-machine dialogue, scenario simulation, and some of the advanced technology of modern talent assessment, can effectively avoid one-sided evaluation of the results. Overall, the province produced through a competitive selection of higher overall quality of leading cadres, the overall growth in good condition, the higher the mass acceptance, a considerable part has been promoted reuse. That most of the public selecting cadres, and have a "test off" but also a few "practice of customs," stand the test. According to information released by the Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee, 2000 -2003 63 years of public elections deputy departmental level cadres, has provided 17 leadership positions in any department director level, seven to be reused, as a prefecture-level city of Municipal Committee, Standing Deputy Mayor, deputy party secretary of provincial units, promotion, re-together accounted for 38% of the total over the same period promoted to deputy department leadership positions in other cadres, higher than 28.4 percent. Comments Increase the intensity of competition is the general trend of selecting cadres Competitive selection is selecting and appointing capable and effective way. In the cadre and personnel system reform measures, also recognized by most cadres and the masses. All localities and departments of our province to actively explore innovative, practical efforts to increase competition in the selection of cadres, and constantly improve the selection methods to improve the selection and quality, and promote competition in the regular selection of cadres, institutionalization, standardization, and truly outstanding talent to build a level playing field platform. Over the years, the provincial competition in the selection of cadres to promote the extraordinary courage, intensity, very great. In the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary Wang Yang personally initiative, in 2008 the province implemented the "double hundred" Leading Talents program, the provincial government institutional reform in 2009 with 38 deputy department open selection of leading cadres, this year's provincial sector competition is open selection Youyi 11 deputy department-level leadership cadres. Driven by the provincial party committee, listed 21 common level in order to compete selection of leading cadres at county level. In this regard, the Central leaders gave full recognition to, and receiving good. Looking back at history, in a sense, it is the public election opens Guangdong China trend. In early 1983, the victory of the young man holding a Ming Jiaoqiao try the mood to join the open Shekou Industrial Zone team selection. Just an ordinary cadres promoted by a labor service company for the industrial zone less than two years of his vice president, even as the industrial area was exceptional promotion deputy party secretary, a reform pathbreaker Yuan Geng assistant. When he signed, he may not have thought that this wave of open public election will accelerate the spread and dissemination of the cadre and personnel system reform as a major trend. In the "shock wave Shekou" after, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, explore, and people began to adopt recommendations recommended by the combination of test and evaluation method combining competitive selection of leading cadres: In 1997, the first open selection of deputy department director of Guangdong leading cadres a province-wide selection of the provincial education department deputy director, deputy department-level leadership and other cadres. March 1999, the Central Organization Department issued "Circular on Further Improving Open Selection of Leading Cadres of the notice", Guangdong to further competition in the selection bold innovation. Institutional reform, especially during 2000, the provincial government departments of division-level leadership positions, "All rise, re-shuffle", the implementation of full competition, momentum and large, wide range of depth. In the new century, the province has organized a public leadership positions of deputy department selection. In 2008, the Office of the Public Election hundred level leading cadres, Guangdong's first "big jury system" in the country of great concern. As early as in May 1985, Shenzhen, Shekou Industrial Zone difference selection, the first seven members of the CMC, there are three old comrades were mercilessly out of ballots. This is the difference between reform and opening up competition in the first lead agency for the competition, selecting and appointing cadres to provide the initial experience. Further increase the intensity of competition is the selection of cadres and the general trend, in line with the requirements of scientific development and the cadres and the masses will. Party Congress, the Fourth Plenary Session Seventeen were asked to further improve the open selection and competition. Issued by the central personnel system reform plan made it clear that by 2015, promoted to bureau level and below each of the new appointment system for party and government leaders, through a competitive selection methods should be not less than one third of the produce. Improve the system, expand the scope to increase the number of competitive selection of cadres is to increase the strength of the basic requirements. At the same time, should the amount of expansion and diversification of forms of combination, in improving the open selection on the basis of competition, and actively promote public election generally acclaimed, open selection, "Review of the two recommended a" variety of selection methods in various forms of comparison, reference in the selection of cadres to further enhance the level of competition.
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