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Rear services of college of project of 2 artillery piece grooms talent of " of c
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Every week 5 afternoon, sergeancy student Liang Liutao should come to engineering of 2 artillery piece courtyard logistics grooms center, play the content such as energy-saving, management after grooming, should return a team in, the battalion that repairs damage produces battalion to provide, publicize energy-saving knowledge to everybody. Liu Tao resembling bridge such student, this courtyard still was fostered one large quantities of, they established logistics technically to groom center, develop person with ability of of all kinds logistics for basic level.

Party committee of ministry of Wu of this courtyard courtyard carries out process of seventeen great mind in study in, know can management, professional logistics qualified personnel to lack in the light of basic level army, restrict the problem such as development of basic level logistics, united understanding: Want to be a target in order to increase logistics management capacity, it is drawing with army demand, basic level demand, education knows the troop of management of logistics, meeting, backbone of basic level logistics that can maintain one batch, improve the use efficiency of logistics establishment ceaselessly, construction is managing model barback, enhance logistics to ensure ability.

For this, this courtyard establishs logistics technically to groom center, groom the talent of the respect such as monitoring of barracks maintenance, food and personnel of lash-up relieve a sick or injured person. Enter groomed personnel arrangement extensive, have the cadre that tie a line, also have key member of basic level class, grow cadre student and soldier of team of mechanism directly under. Groom according to main body of officers and soldiers, benefit at the safeguard, principle that pays attention to benefit, close together couple is real, those who opened the content such as industry of electrical engineering, water, carpentry, fire control and battlefield relieve a sick or injured person groom, basically adopt theory and the measure that practice combines, rely on center of monitoring of professional staff room, food and outpatient department professional tuitional, and outside ask partial personnel origin to begin special subject to coach. The capability that practice class basically needs in the light of basic level logistics undertakes grooming. Groom after the end, will adopt written examination and practice, organize the assessment that compare connecting with the boxing skill, achievement eligible issues letter of complete a course. Now, the logistics of this courtyard grooms about a hundred rear service that central education gives ensures hotshot, spread advanced and practical energy-saving new technology, new product, new material actively, the organization is begun energy-saving decrease a platoon to take barback activity, had become a logistics to build talent hatch center.