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Undergraduate holiday works beware be duped
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Every arrive holiday, a lot of students can choose go out work, will can earn ” of some of “ extra gains, still can contact a society ahead of schedule at the same time, increase a society to carry out experience, but work to upsurge enthusiasticly with the student opposite, it is however there are many students in reality working be deceived time and again in the process. Among them, have on one hand work the element with dim consciousness of authority of student ego dimension, have law more relevant provision is short of break and partial black intermediary is making introductory occupational name from which the inducement of kite. To this, the branch already began special operation severity to hit black intermediary related Xinjiang, and legal group public figure suggests, current, work while the student is raising ego to protect consciousness, the government sector still should publish relevant compasses to decide normative student holiday to work, work with effective safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the student.

   Student: Holiday works dimension authority is not easy

Late on August 14, the reporter sees Xiaoying in a KTV near road of Urumqi city red flag when, she is giving a guest settle accounts in information desk.

Xiaoying tells a reporter, she just attends the university entrance exam (Q) , black city is traversed before a month center of a professional introduction applies for here, be in charge of receiving silver in the information desk of the hall. This firm full girl of 18 years old says frankly, a many month comes, she has been encountered be pestered by the guest, money receiving a fault waits a problem a moment, what she worries now is to end dozen of man-hour whether take the earnest money that pays beforehand and full salary smoothly. She tells a reporter, still some classmates are selling clothing to others, become in cafeteria advertisement of clerk, hair giving a person.

Small just was student of the phylum outside Xinjiang university. The other day, via person introduction, he and additionally a few classmates that summer vacation did not come home help translate a company to translate a few urgent document to together, pay is every 1000 words 50 yuan. The course is small just mixed classmates the effort of a day of one night, the urgent document of tens of thousands of word is translated eventually. Small just calculated, according to the price of come to an agreement or understanding, average everybody can get 300 yuan or so. What can not think of is, find translation firm to beg when them when pay, sufferred refuse however. This relevant chief that translates a company says, because their interpreter must delay time too slow, and a lot of mistakes exist in translating draft, the client is very malcontent, caused a loss to the company. Because written agreement was not signed before this, both sides produces bigger difference, small also just sought local police station, work later censorial group and industrial and commercial place, but the problem was not solved from beginning to end, now, he and classmates are obliged avowed and hapless abandoned continueing to beg the idea of pay.
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