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Female undergraduate to apply for a job is discriminated against repeatedly by s
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A few days ago, the reporter promotes meeting know from obtain employment of Beijing college graduate, " findings report of state of authority of dimension of obtain employment of capital college graduate " finish and release external. This report is promoted by obtain employment of Beijing college graduate to Beijing area the graduate of 14 colleges undertakes investigating and can become. The report shows, the schoolgirl that is as high as 77.6% has had sexual distinction to discriminate against experience in to apply for a job.

Zhang Hui like that, northward industry university is graduate, once had had the experience of ” of “ excuse oneself from of above 10 times, had abandoned be unemployed of to apply for a job be in the home temporarily. Zhang Hui mentions process of to apply for a job to appear very helpless like that.

“ I can go up in invite applications for a job around ran ten companies, seeing for the most part is female simple dismiss. Explanatory reason often needs to be away on official business namely, schoolgirl inconvenience. Otherwise is prospective schoolgirl should give birth to the child, can delay the job, excuse waits with respect to not can absorption job after giving birth to the child. Wanting you only anyway is a female, with respect to leave no stone unturned or clear or obscure expression disinclination. ” is final, she expresses herself already “ too get hurt ” .

Expert analysis points out, sexual distinction discriminates against general consist in in duty field, main reason depends on, a lot of professions are existing greater actuating pressure and working intensity, together with is very much post existence works overtime temporarily, be away on official business wait for sudden circumstance, female employee bears hard, a lot of companies are so right female employee often stay at a respectful distance from sb. Next, demand of physical strength of oppose of a few labour is higher, the schoolboy has an advantage than the schoolgirl apparently.

Subsequently a few days, the reporter visits discovery, after major schoolgirl is discriminated against to sexual distinction in experience, adopted answer measure actively, light relaxed Songdede works to. Wang Ting is one of these “ favorite ” . Inside a month after she what master software to test a technology is graduating formally, received 3 Offer in succession, the choice after passing consider is current this enterprise, hold the position of software to check an engineer, start monthly pay 5000 yuan.

“ I think originally, IT is the industry of dominant of a male, the woman strides very hard this circle. Actually, this is an error. Company of a few software is when invite applications for a job and do not have these doorsills, especially the software of ‘ parvenu ’ of IT industry checks, the angle that chooses from the profession is told, it is the post of preference of least sexual distinction. ” Wang Ting explains, because soft measure basically be in charge of having tolerance to software quality, to to apply for a job person patient, attentive, doubt, communicate the requirement that waits for quality ability taller, and these requirements just be identical of as temperamental as the individual character of female oneself photograph, accordingly, the female is engaged in software checking to often have advantaged advantage.
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