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Case of discrimination of second liver obtain employment wins the lawsuit
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Wide the discrimination of obtain employment of first second liver that gets media attention wins the lawsuit case have new progress again, because Beijing comparing heart is achieved,exhibit communication technology limited company (below abbreviation comparing heart is achieved exhibit a company) the obligation that did not fulfil a court decision to decide after adjudicating become effective, tall a few days ago gentleman puts forward to carry out application compulsively to court of people of division of Beijing rising sun.

Tall gentleman fastens the assistant engineer of some computer company formerly, received in April 2007 than heart start the phone that exhibits a company, before whether consult is willing, toward its the company is engaged in a structure designing engineer position. After tall gentleman agrees and the course checks, receive the email of this company, the data entering office that says its want to carry in mail includes check-up list, firewood fulfil proof and leave one's post proof. Tall in May gentleman and former unit dealt with of the same age to leave one's post formalities, after check-up, before bringing neat procedure, go reporting for duty. Than heart achieve exhibit company staff member after reading material, because of eventuate of tall gentleman check-up second liver is small 3 in relief and reject to sign labor contract with tall gentleman. Tall gentleman of after the event is contacted for many times without if really, will compare heart achieve exhibit a company to appeal to to the court, ask its recoup corresponding loss.

After the court is tried, sentence make compare heart achieve exhibit company Xiang Gaoxian to give birth to written apology, be like this company repudiate, publish on the newspaper that judgment main content is in Beijing area to be issued publicly, adjudicate more than yuan 19000 to pecuniary loss of compensatory tall gentleman and spirit damage solatium to add up to.