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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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(3) look from significant investment, contemporary service line of business invests strength to increase. 2007, xi'an city carries out a project actively to drive the strategy, projects of large quantities of one service line of business with be closely bound up of common people life make the focal point of investment, whole town invests a structure more hasten is reasonable. 2007, whole town serves course of study to invest one hundred and three billion two hundred and eighty-six million yuan, grow 38.0% compared to the same period, add fast fixed assets of town of the corresponding period of summary prep above invests, what hold proportion for 77.0% . 2005-2007 year, line of business of whole town service invests year all grow 28.0% . Line of business of contemporary service of whole 2007 town completes investment fifty billion four hundred and seventy-six million yuan, the proportion that holds service trade investment is 48.9% . The information in contemporary service line of business is transmitted, computer service and software industry, rent and line of business of business affairs service invests growth rate to be accelerated apparently in nearly 3 years, those who be line of business of contemporary henceforth service accelerated development to lay a foundation.

(4) look from benefit income, company of contemporary service estate achieved double growth of income and profit. Service line of business investigates example data to show, company business income promoted quickly 2007, total business income is enterprise of example of 231 services line of business 4.286 billion yuan, than 2006 the corresponding period increased 714 million yuan, grow 20% ; Company profit ability improves apparently, total of business profit of the corresponding period is 247 million yuan, than 2006 the corresponding period increases 116 million yuan, grow 88.9% .

(5) from improvement the people's livelihood looks, contemporary service line of business drove obtain employment growth, those who promoted dweller income level rise. Service line of business inducted Xi'an to increase obtain employment newly not only, still carried on the first, the obtain employment need that 2 industries move gives, make the biggest industry that inducts obtain employment. 2007 Xi'an city tertiary industy reachs 1.778 million person from personnel of course of study, occupy all from personnel of course of study 42.0% ; Serve estate unit among them from personnel of course of study six hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred person, take an unit 52.7% from personnel of course of study. The development that serves industry drove obtain employment not only, and increased income of urban and rural dweller, average per capita of dweller of town of 2007 whole town can control income 12662 yuan, grow 16.1% than 2006; Net income of farmer average per capita 4399 yuan, grow 15.5% . The rapid development that serves industry still satisfied the dweller's varied material and mental consumption requirement, to raise people living standard further, compose built harmonious society to have positive effect.
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