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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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2, each industry expands contemporary service line of business the current situation

Xi'an is contemporary the development that serves industry, extended the connotation of oneself not only, added window, and wait for productivity to serve industry through developing design of finance, content shedding, information, engineering, intermediary to serve, for Xi'an tradition equipment manufacturing industry is changed to modern equipment manufacturing industry, raise manufacturing efficiency to offer puissant prop up, develop energetically at the same time can exhibit, the line of business of unripe active service such as modern trade, promoted urban comprehensive strength and service the function, promoted “ the construction of 3 Xi'an ” .

(one) modern other people spreads employment base abundant, industrial assemble effect is shown

1, goods carries ability integratedly to increase. 2007, whole town traffic is carried, storage and postal job complete investment in all 5.837 billion yuan, grow 34.1% than 2006. Traffic carrying trade invests accelerate, be each freightage ability rise laid a foundation. 2007, freight of whole town railroad measures 5.893 million tons, grow 2.8 % than 2006, goods volume five billion five hundred and ninety-five million seven hundred and sixty thousand ton kilometer, grow 6.8% than 2006; Road freight transport measures 145.3 million tons, grow 29.1% , goods volume nine billion and twenty-eight million nine hundred and forty thousand ton kilometer, grow 10.7% .

2, modern other people sheds garden area health to start. In " industry of abortion of modern other people grows Xi'an program " guide below, an integrated content sheds 8 garden area, content to shed 10 center, content shedding to deserve to send a center to build a Xi'an content to shed course of study to develop big framework. It is bibcock with area of Wu of Xi'an international harbor, content of airport of 6 villages fort sheds the center, content that leave a garrison post to shed the content such as the center to shed garden area to construct peep scale.

3, the supermarket changes way of traditional trade sale sadly. 2007 the practice as Woerma, xi'an city retail business achieves the supermarket 20, increase 6 than 2006, asset dimensions amounts to 2.444 billion yuan, 18.8% what take whole town retail company; Advocate business Wu income 580 million yuan, 25.1% what take whole town retail trade, year average from personnel of course of study twelve thousand three hundred person, 38.3% what take whole town retail trade. Enterprise fact controls capital 392 million yuan, foreign capital holds the first place to amount to 27.8% .

(2) Information Industry development is swift and violent, software industry outshines the rest

1, the Information Industry and development of information natural resources use pace to accelerate, diversity information serves the market to form. Xi'an city is telegraphic 2007 business income 7.358 billion yuan, grow 16.3% than 2006, 1.4 times was 2004; Whole town secures telephone subscriber three million five hundred and sixty-five thousand three hundred, mobile telephone user six million six hundred and forty-five thousand nine hundred; Momentum of Internet business development is powerful, user of whole town Internet already amounted to one million one hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred, among them broadband user five hundred and eighty-six thousand two hundred, grow 15.2% than 2006, 2.4 times was 2004.
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