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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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2, software industry presents rapid development state. Production value of Xi'an software industry achieved 17.66 billion yuan 2007, industry measure exceeds 700, among them through provincial “ double soft ” is maintained many 350, the enterprise appears on the market outside churchyard 3, have at the same time with Intel, Ying Feiling, China for, more than 30 when resurgence is core large (cross a state) the center of research and development of the enterprise. Software industry exceeds 80 thousand person from personnel of course of study, software product registers more than 1100. The industry waits in network and information safety, electric power, oil, medical treatment, medicine, xi'an software product owns the share that comparative in countrywide market. Xi'an regards a country as city of base of the bag outside first service, business of the bag outside the service obtained materiality breakthrough 2007, current accumulative total carries out contract amount one hundred and thirteen million four hundred and sixty-four thousand two hundred dollar, grow 106.3% compared to the same period.

(3) financial insurance develops flourishingly

2007, implementation of Xi'an finance insurance raises a cost eleven billion five hundred and twenty-one million yuan, grow 19.6% than 2006.

1, financial orgnaization is relatively complete. By 2007, branch or the of all kinds bank of business ministry are created in Xi'an in all 19, among them East Asia and collect abundant to be bank of two foreign capital, twenty thousand four hundred person of worker, subordinate orgnaization 914. 2007 Xi'an finance orgnaization remaining sum of this foreign currency deposit four hundred and sixty-five billion nine hundred and fifty million yuan, increase one hundred and forty-nine billion seven hundred and eighty-two million yuan than 2004; Among them remaining sum of deposit of deposit of urban and rural dweller one hundred and ninety-nine billion seven hundred and fifty-six million yuan, increase fifty-four billion four hundred and eighty-nine million yuan than 2004, year all grow 10.9% .

2, insurance Wu accelerates development. By 2007, the of all kinds insurance company that is a delegate with branch of Xi'an of Inc. of Chinese life insurance sets a branch in Xi'an 18, set an orgnaization 354, worker of year end office counts fifteen thousand four hundred person. 2007 end, security risk amount achieves one thousand and twenty-four billion four hundred million yuan on the west, 3 times was 2004; Insurance industry accumulative total realizes insurance cost income 7.233 billion yuan, relatively increased 3.26 billion yuan 2004.

3, negotiable securities trades the market is active. 2007 end, xi'an has stockjobber 3, set an orgnaization 21, worker gross 1356 people, scale of Inc. of negotiable securities of ministry of its Chinese and Western is larger; Have futures broker company 3, 98 people of worker. 2007 end, xi'an is had appear on the market joint-stock company 17, total market prise sixty-nine billion four hundred and fifteen million yuan. The hot prices of the stock market makes investor of whole 2007 town opens an account achieved 1.24 million, 1.6 times was 2004; 2007, finance of accumulative total security market 8.062 billion yuan, implementation negotiable securities trades amount one thousand two hundred and ten billion and ten million yuan, 7.3 times was 2004.
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