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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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(4) how does real estate reside creation condition for common people

2007, whole town has room land company more than 1800, the company that has development workload is controlled in 500, year average from personnel of course of study 20 thousand more than person. Development of estate of whole 2007 town invests 3.873 billion yuan, 2.3 times was 2004, year all grow 31.7% ; The proportion that holds investment of fixed assets of whole town town by 2004 27.7% rise to 40.6% . Commodity house development measures 29.16 million square metre, 1.8 times was 2004. Real estate implementation raised a cost 2007 6.024 billion yuan, make a point of growth that drives whole city economy to develop quickly.

House of commodity of whole 2007 town sells an area 8.34 million square metre, sale twenty-eight billion one hundred and seventy-nine million yuan, it is respectively 2004 2.7 times with 3.5 times. 2004-2007 year area of residence of complete of whole town accumulative total 13.89 million square metre, purchase living environment the main medium of communication that the commodity house with each good, complete establishment already made common people how be resided.

(5) can exhibit economy to add vigor for Xi'an

By 2007, in Xi'an major of registration book of industrial and commercial branch exhibits company and scope of operations to include the company that can postpone business to already had many 120, among them many 60 had added initiate to exhibit guild. Whole 2007 town is held in all have dimensions exhibition 107, ginseng postpone business one hundred and seventy-two thousand seven hundred person, professional audience one hundred and eighty-five thousand one hundred person-time, average viewer three million eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand four hundred person-time, add obtain employment post newly twenty-six thousand two hundred, clinch a deal amount 73.89 billion yuan, benefit of creation society economic integration 6.254 billion yuan. The success of congress of ancient relics of forum of Ou Ya economy, world is held, knocked Xi'an to exhibit course of study to march toward the gate of internationalization.

Meanwhile, accompanying development of urban economy diversity and social natural resources to commercialize configuration, xi'an city manages with inspect of interpose of lawyer, accountant, room, duty interpose, project, the industrial and commercial representative intermediary that gives priority to body serves market system to be being formed, up to by 2007, a total of company of estate of service of whole town intermediary 4723, occupy whole town to serve the 7.9 % of estate company number, be next to trade current job, rank 2. The community that is a delegate with community service center serves industry in the ascendant, preliminary built with benefit civilian, civilian the service system that is frame. Whole 2007 town is rented and implementation of line of business of business affairs service raises a cost 3.096 billion yuan.
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