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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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3, problem and countermeasure proposal

Contemporary service line of business had Xi'an to develop greatly 2007, but the current situation that gross lags behind at domestic congener town still was not changed, development process level of slow, structure is low the problem still is a worry contemporary service line of business is done become strong main factor greatly, the finance that serves for production especially, modern other people flows, can exhibit, the problem such as on the low side of software industry energy level studies urgently. According to Xi'an actual, we analysed Xi'an mainly the inadequacy that 4 domains expand contemporary service line of business, offer countermeasure proposal.

(one) industry of the banking that do work

Mix as join commodity market other the hub of all sorts of element markets, and the production of be well versed in, current, bridge that allocate and consumes each link, finance is having core effect in market configuration resource. As financial domain commercialize degree to rise increasingly, the position of Xi'an banking industry and action increase increasingly.

Problem: 1, financial industry raises a cost gross is small, add fast low. From 2007 financial industry increases value gross to look, xi'an is 11.52 billion yuan, in deputy provincial town and Zhengzhou the platoon in this 16 cities is in the 13rd, only prep above Xiamen, Harbin and Changchun, gross is 16 cities the half of average level is much (57.5% ) . From add fast look, the platoon is in the 10th, prep above peaceful wave, Wuhan, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Harbin and Changchun.

2, gross of foreign capital bank is little, dilate is slow. Up to now, xi'an collects abundant, East Asia only bank of 2 foreign capital, and be in the Chengdu of deputy provincial town western to have bank of 7 foreign capital at present together, and still have place of delegate of bank of 2 foreign capital. Bank of Xi'an city foreign capital not only gross slants little, outspread rate is slow also, since collecting abundant bank, East Asia bank to enter Xi'an 2006 oneself, opened branch is not much also.

3, financial orgnaization RMB puts aggravate of the year after year that borrow difference. 2007, remaining sum of deposit of RMB of orgnaization of finance of Xi'an city year end four hundred and fifty-six billion and thirty-one million yuan, gross resides the 8th of 16 cities; Loan remaining sum two hundred and sixty-four billion nine hundred and forty-one million yuan, gross platoon is in the 13rd, only prep above Changchun, Harbin and Xiamen; Put borrow difference one hundred and ninety-one billion and ninety million yuan, put platoon of the gross that borrow difference to be in the 4th, prep above is average level forty-six billion four hundred and thirty-four million yuan, this locality capital did not give the issue that make full use of is very outstanding. Analyse from sequential again, 2007 of Xi'an put 5.3 times shifting balance was 2000.

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