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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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4, capital market grows lag, direct financing scope is little. Up to 2007, xi'an appears on the market 17 times only company, and it is together deputy provincial western urban Chengdu has 35; To Xi'an used finance of security market accumulative total 2007 only 8.062 billion yuan, the financing function of capital market did not make full use of.

Countermeasure: Adopt favourable policy, attract domestic and international famous the financial insurance device with big, high level of management comes to degree of tall, dimensions Xi'an establishs a branch, quicken financial industry assemble, breed the financial center that has area advantage; Develop capital market energetically, accelerate advance an enterprise to appear on the market, enhance the financing ability of the enterprise; Cogent solve difficult problem of financing of medium and small businesses.

(2) do powerful other people to shed line of business

Because modern other people flowed to cover all domains of the industry and branch 3 times almost, have very strong industry to correlation is spent and drive effect, already what work up makes national economy is omnibus with one of pillar sex industries. According to preliminary count, xi'an has content to shed service company more than 270.

Problem: 1, ideal lag. Long-term since, the development that Xi'an majority enterprise did not realise to modern other people sheds line of business, supply what catenary runs a system to build pair of businesses development and even reduce to whole society current cost and trade charge, increase the profit, individual action that enhances company competition ability. A lot of enterprises are fond of a choice self-supporting content spreads way, existence weighs production, small matter to flow, heavy self-sufficient, light outside assist thought.

2, service level is low. Xi'an content sheds enterprise dimensions relatively lesser, service level is general and inferior, the supply and demand that sex of a kind of structure exists in the meantime is contradictory. On one hand, of low administrative levels, the content with technical low content sheds service excess supply; On the other hand, the content of high administrative levels and hi-tech content sheds service supply deficiency. The proportion that does content shedding oneself as a result of the enterprise is too large, professional other people sheds the significant demand inadequacy of the market, bring about a few content to shed a center to manage difficulty, experiencing the period of high investment, low redound.

3, house of content shedding cost does not fall high

As a result of Xi'an city tripartite content sorts development slow, carry and storage cost is higher, effect matter sheds cost house not to fall high. 2007, content of Xi'an city society sheds total cost to hold the average level of whole nation of specific gravity prep above of GDP.

Countermeasure: Should accelerate content to shed “1—8—10” of course of study to develop a program fulfil and build, perfect and modern other people sheds the condition propping up of course of study; 2 should do do greatly strong content of a batch of bibcock sheds a business, develop content of tripartite, all directions to flow; The 3 acceleration that should accelerate content to shed course of study and business of production enterprise, trade are shirt-sleeve.
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