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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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(3) the meeting that make choice exhibits property

Can exhibit course of study to gather together enormous iformation flow, technology shedding, commodity shedding and talent flow, because its produce powerful interactive win-win effect, already became ” of barometer of urban economy “ and ” of “ roll booster. Xi'an can exhibit course of study to arrive from the amount in implementation of quality span in the process, also reveal the radiate that gives its to wait for associated industry to meal of travel, trade, accommodation to drive action.

Problem: 1, the brand can exhibit an amount less. 16 towns of deputy provincial town and Zhengzhou city can exhibit trade statistic data to show, xi'an held exhibition item 2007 64, less than Chengdu 9, less than Zhengzhou 4, more average than 16 cities level is little 34. Except thing ministry investment and commerce negotiate outside can having bigger effect, other is exhibited no matter the meeting is in famous degree, still go up in the intangible value of the brand or outspread degree, all attend the meeting exhibit develop the city is existing very big difference.

2, can extend a requirement opposite poorer. It is large meeting exhibits place little. Xi'an is at present only 3 major exhibit a house. 2 it is accommodation recieves ability finite. Xi'an city has astral class hotel at present 65, rank in 16 cities the 15th, mix than Guangzhou, Chengdu respectively Zhengzhou is little 175, 57 mix 36, travel no matter for the moment the position of big city, meet those who exhibit property recieve ability only under other city.

3, commercialize degree low. Xi'an city can exhibit course of study to develop to still be in primary level, because lack the meeting of high major to exhibit talent and professional conference to exhibit service company, cause Xi'an city to be able to exhibit course of study to be in light of countrywide limits, integral development level is not high still, commercialize degree low, did not form can exhibit receiver of organizer, destination to recieve service system thoroughly. Very much large meeting exhibits the organization that still commercializes by a few blame all or partial forestall, can exhibit intermediary organization to still be not perfected.

Countermeasure: Want investment of ministry of forum of the Ou Ya that make choice, thing and commerce to negotiate the brand such as the meeting can be exhibited; 2 should accelerate can postpone place and construction of facilities of service of form a complete set, through making Ba of Qu Jiang, 浐 two developing zones, build culture to travel, business affairs can be exhibited and lie fallow go vacationing 3 cardinal principle are, compose builds the regional meeting that has taller service level to exhibit a center.

(4) do old software line of business

Software industry regards contemporary service as the main component of course of study, through a few years optimize, integrated, in “ the big setting of ” of 3 nets syncretic falls, make the most active burgeoning industry in tertiary industy. Xi'an has base of the bag outside software base and service at the same time two brands, the advantage that teachs science and technology also is helpful for the development of software industry.
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