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Confused of window of development of contemporary service line of business shows
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Problem: 1, competitive aggravate. The position is in the advantage of Xi'an software industry to face enormous challenge in last few years. Relevant data shows, only the sales revenue of software industry implementation of Chengdu, Dalian, Hangzhou was twenty billion six hundred and twenty-six million yuan respectively 2006, 14.5 billion yuan mix twenty-six billion one hundred and eighty-four million yuan, grow to all exceed 40% compared to the same period, xi'an the corresponding period is twelve billion six hundred and seventy-five million yuan; Software of Chengdu, Dalian and news service company exceed 600, hangzhou city has 1201 via cognizance software company, and these a few cities had big move on the construction of software base 2007.

2, the talent is in short supply. As the rapid development of software industry, more and more domestic and international large companies are garrisoned, the contradiction that talent structure sex is in short supply is outstanding. It is the professional that lacks adroitness control English to business of the bag outside the service; 2 it is lack moves originality of content of free creation, game, game to develop the professional mastery of a skill or technique of the respect such as the design talent; 3 it is person with ability of government of devoid high end. Develop plus home of the professional such as the creation with existing to Xi'an city city, design attract, also caused the talent's prediction of a person's luck in a given year and shortage.

Countermeasure: City of base of the bag outside wanting to accelerate a country to serve is built, on the foundation of original software park, to study of the Chengdu City, the software industry with large-scale build collects an area; 2 should build ” of “ number Xi'an energetically, encourage digital content to serve business to be in the domain development such as application of business affairs of recreation of digital medium, culture, electron, 3 should go up in the foundation of national policy, institute of software of college of municipal government conformity, run by the local people grooms orgnaization and enterprise, begin the software that has specific aim to groom jointly, take out special fund, through take out tuition, extend the method such as fellowship and stipend, allowance gives join groomed student.

June 2008, government of Shaanxi province people came on stage " the executive opinion that serves industry about accelerating development further " (politics of short for Shaanxi Province is sent [2008]24 date) , for Xi'an development of contemporary service line of business points to clear direction. Accelerate development to show acting service line of business, compose builds regional, internationalization center of contemporary service line of business, the “ that will enhance Xi'an further surely collects ability of — radiate ” , the city that quickens Xi'an is changed and modern course, to Xi'an implementation takes the lead in developing the effect with far-reaching generation.
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