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China Meteorological Administration official stressed: for the country to attrac
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CMA will further increase investment in Xinjiang meteorological efforts to establish a stable growth of investment mechanism, formulated as soon as possible to support the development of Xinjiang meteorological projects, funds, personnel, mechanisms and other policy measures. This is the party secretary of the China Meteorological Administration, Zheng Guoguang held today, the Secretary of the National Meteorological Services to work in Xinjiang meeting on the formulation. It is understood that after the establishment of New China, Xinjiang, meteorology, is based on the approximate starting blank. Today has been considerable development, initially built a comprehensive probe by the weather, information network, weather alerts, weather, agricultural meteorology, weather, satellite remote sensing, mine disaster and other components of the meteorological characteristics and distinctive business system and service system , forecast forecast accuracy has improved steadily, and continuously enhanced disaster prevention and mitigation, solar, wind and agricultural exploitation of climatic resources with remarkable results. However, the special natural, historical, social and other reasons, Xinjiang sparse network of meteorological observation stations integrated, particularly for wind, snow, flash floods and other meteorological disasters unique to Xinjiang, the monitoring capacity can not meet the needs of disaster prevention and mitigation of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Meteorology weak self-development, particularly technological innovation, talent development, construction and other stations, it can not meet the Xinjiang Meteorological cause leapfrog development needs. Zheng Guoguang emphasized in Xinjiang meteorological leaps and bounds, is to accelerate the modernization of systems for meteorological co-ordinate the coordinated development of China's weather the inevitable choice. To vigorously promote the development of Xinjiang modern meteorological service, to narrow the gap with the east, and the meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, climate change, development and utilization of resources in areas such as the formation of the climate characteristics of Xinjiang, in the weather business, services, technology and other aspects of Xinjiang advantage. China Meteorological Administration, Xinjiang will further increase the intensity of counterpart support, to establish a scientific and rational counterpart support mechanism to speed up the formation of economic Yuan Jiang, cadres Yuan Jiang, talent Yuan Jiang, technology Yuanjiang the situation. Vigorously implement the project in Xinjiang meteorological science and technology and talent, for the country to attract high-level personnel into Xinjiang, there are plans to recruit college graduates Atmospheric Science, Xinjiang added to the first and second class hard station. Speed up the training level, chief forecaster of Xinjiang, to further improve the training, the introduction, stable and hard weather stations and the rank position personnel-related business incentives, and improve the environment of Xinjiang Meteorological Talents. Zheng Guoguang said the support of the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau policy also applies to Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, meteorological departments at all levels. CMA will continue to vigorously support the Corps meteorological modernization, qualified personnel, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in Xinjiang meteorological meteorological development into the overall planning, strengthen information sharing and business services, resources, integration, improve the overall effectiveness of meteorological modernization projects. Main Xi Nuer Bekri Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps deputy commander of the Kongxing Long attended the meeting. Provinces, regions and municipalities Meteorological Bureau, China Meteorological Administration, the subordinate units, the people in charge of internal institutions attended.