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Your advantage and defect talk how when interview
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[analytic] the integrated quality that this problem basically checks examinee itself. Basically inspect examinee the proper understanding of the primary quality to the talent and whether comprehensive, evaluate oneself objectively. Take an examination of an official to still can see whether examinee is self-confident from the examinee answer to this problem (prideful perhaps, self-abased) .

When examinee replies besides the attention above outside 3 points, still should notice the following:

(1) although the subjective evaluation that this is you, suffer individual self-confidence the impact such as orientaton of degree, value is very big, that is to say the actor that you describe, defect and actual condition may not agree with, but your allegation studies the government-owned judgement to your ability in influence of the meeting on certain level. For example, examinee says him language conveys ability to still need to perfect modestly, so although your interview before this is medium the language is clarity of fluent, structure, distinct, and can make full use of be not verbal symbol, but when taking an examination of an official to make conclusions, can get more or less yourself is negatory the influence of conclusion.

(2) regards person of society of a “ as ” , the advantage that examinee has actually is very much, be like: Assiduous study, collective sense is strong, be good at analysing problem, human communication ability stronger, the word that hears a mother repeatedly even, duteous to love also be an advantage. But examinee must stress a focal point, namely: Very outstanding idiosyncratic and with enter oneself for an examination the advantage related position. The advantage that is like examinee to emphasize repeatedly actually very general, can be just the opposite to what one wished, talk about defect to also should set out at 2 o'clock from this likewise, not too specific even rather: One is ” of “ avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, talk about inessential little weakness, and not too honest the major flaw in exposing him ability structure. Still have the idea of congenial ” of a “ in addition, talk about ” of oneself “ safety defect namely, it is those are in certain circumstance is defect, but the defect that the advantage may is below additionally a few circumstances, the person with if you and those are right irresponsible job gets along very hard, often because make excessive demands,oneself work perfect and the incur loss through delay that causes the work. Because let easily take an examination of an official seasonedly to think you are “ ,do not cross ” of defect of safety of this kind of “ smooth-tongued ” , so Ying Shen is used!

(3) talks about an advantage to should notice expression, bearing, dialect to wait, appropriate “ low-key ” is handled. Can state him “ is further upward sometimes the hope of ” and effort; The defect that talks about oneself does not stay at defect itself, on the resolution that can put the emphasis in oneself to overcome weakness and action.
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