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Raise action: Artful answer promotes interview successful rate
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Interview is like the university entrance exam, planned very long period of time meticulously, all sorts of interview problems practice repeatedly, read through ripe back. Finally, be full of self-confidence to take an exam, result, gave examination room, crestfallen, stamp one's foot and beat one's breast. Original, have in examination questions slant a problem, want to lose a big cent. More or less to prepare Fu Zhidong to flow, this the opportunity does not have predestined relationship and company handclasp again.

Lu Jian is the undergraduate that graduates 3 years, those who learn is computer major, learn in the school very good, after graduation, two years of half time was made in a company, the backbone of the company is all the time on business. But, because the person is too honest, do not be good at human association and communicate, so, without the favour of what promotion and raises, he feels grievance, the Spring Festival adopted the measure that find new job this year. Thinking of 6 years is obtain employment height year, duty field stream of people makes seismic sea wave, competition is very intense. Make experience with resume go to work, still took interview chance 3 times, because do not have interview experience,can be, do not be good at one's words conveying again, won't promote oneself, result interview fails, be out of job in the home unexpectedly half an year.

The first link: The process of each link in whole process mixes interview processing, before including interview, interview medium, interview hind, interview is formal wait.

The 2nd link: Pass a barrier of interview of of all kinds setting, especially pressure interview, still have catholicity additionally problem, professional problem, English problem.

The 3rd link: A catch question handles skill: A catch question is Lu Jian before paragraph the main failure reason in interview, so, it is to coach key.

Interview encounters a catch question, in inevitable heart indecisive, do not know how to reply, want to go presumably, answer finally wrong. Actually, the occurrence of a catch question, it is interview official is when pressure interview, according to everybody the circumstance differs, the question that raises temporarily, just be to do not have preparation beforehand just. When answering this kind of question, with respect to a principle: The angle that stands in the company, angle that stands in the boss goes answering a question, that is to say, let you undertake conversion thinks. The position that wants you only is the angle that stands in the company, general with respect to the problem not quite, at least is correct 80% . (This bit of ten million wants to remember. (This bit of ten million wants to remember..

A catch question analyses citing:

(One) if our company is done not have this,admit you, but cross a paragraph, the philtrum that is admitted has fail to overshoot of probation, vacate the position to come, inform you again, can you still come again?
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