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English interview jewel: Reason of to apply for a job
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About Your Reasons For Application

A: Why Are You Interested In Working With This Company?

B: I Am Interested In Working With Your Company Because I Know Yours Is One Of The Largest Computer Companies In Our Country (porvince, city) . My Major In The University Is Computer Programming, so I Wish To Have The Opportunity To Apply My Knowledge Here.

A: Do You Choose This Company On Account Of High Pay (or Remuneration) ?

B: No, not Only For High Pay (remuneration) , but Also For A Good Working Environment. As Far As I Know, working In A Sino-foreign Joint Venture Calls For Punctuality And Responsibility. It Is Such A Working Environment That I Am Looking For.

A: Have You Applied For A Similiar Post To Any Other Company?

B: Yes, i've Also Applied To Global Huada Company Ltd. ——a Sina-American Joint Venture, in Case I May Not Be Accepted Here.

A: What Is The Result Of Your Application To That Company?

B: They've Turned Me Down.

A: What's The Reason Why You Failed To Get The Post?

B: My Domicile Isn't In This City And They Needed A Local Resident. That's The Sole Reason For My Failure To Get The Post.

A: If You Are Employed By Both Companies, whose Offer Will You Accept?

B: Needless To Say, my First Choice Is Your Company.