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First 6 attentions of interview
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Boast bright the graduate that He Wenjun is same place university. After graduation, they are allocated together to city the department store works. Through diligent effort of nearly 20 years, two people already became the chief of firm main department. In recent years, unit benefit glides ceaselessly, foreground is bleak, the young young person of follower applies for foreign capital, joint ventures in succession, income quite abundant. Two people can't help the heart gives birth to envy, often comment together the thing that find new job. Eventually one day, two people are resolved, make an appointment to be applied for to the foreign capital company of administrator of an invite applications for a job. Personal details watch is sent without a few days, two people received interview announcement.

Boast bright interview time is in the morning 9 when. Interview time of Wen Jun is afternoon 2 when. The content that they examine is same, of the answer is 5 same questions.

The first problem: Be what makes you come to our company apply for?

Boast bright answer: My present unit beneficial result is bad, my a few subordinate found new job to go to foreign enterprise and joint ventures, work well, income is higher than me a lot of. I think, my ability, experience wants prep above they, can be competent certainly so your job.

Wen Jun replies: I saw your ad, through careful consideration, I think I have the requirement that you ask, can be competent your job.

The 2nd problem: Does our company know before you?

Boast bright answer: Had heard of! You are big company, can saying is child of “ widely known, Fu all knows ” , hum, also can saying is “ person sees the person loves ” .

Wen Jun replies: Know. I have certain knowledge to you. I had read a few books that introduce you and article, express approval greatly to your management concept and company culture.

The 3rd problem: Your personal details expressed the above-listed to give achievement and interest, have what still emphasizes or to what still emphasizes or complement?

Boast bright answer: My mainest achievement, should be to attend seminar of ” of modern business management of “ of countrywide traffic system, the paper wins first prize; The largest interest is to play football.

Wen Jun replies: Administrative work is done all the time after I graduate, also gained a few success, but the partial ability that can show me only then, also can represent the past only. As to the hobby, I put the work in the first actually all the time.

The 4th problem: Can you evaluate the company that is in so?

Boast bright answer: That company that I work is state-operated enterprise, return in planned economy period pretty good, washed-up now. Leader mental stagnation, do not follow to go up tide, I think out early, do not have equal opportunity all the time.

Wen Jun replies: My company before also is a good company, the leader takes me seriously very much, my position, achievement is very good proof, but I think you can provide vaster development space to me, will show my ability.
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