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Common interview asks the concrete analysis of the problem
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Problem: How do you choose your profession?

Analysis: This problem is the motive of the person that see to apply for a job for know clearly, see him apply for this job to whether be overflowed aimless.

The mistake replies: I want to work in business circles all the time. Since childhood times, I also should become the vice president of big company at least with respect to him dream.

Comment on: Besides make a person believe hard besides, the person that this kind of answer still is put in ——— of a problem to make clear to apply for a job is right vice-president is the following position disinclination.

Reply correctly: Be in an university that summer before 4 grade, I decide to center energy to develop in some domain seek. Although I learn business, but the work that I do not know to I can pursue which group course of study finally. I spent proper time to consider my target, wanted to be clear that oneself are good at the business that do and the thing that want to get from inside the job, I reached finally ——— of a conclusion this industry suits me most.

Comment on: The person that this answer makes clear to apply for a job has made a few plans seriously, narrowed oneself attention is nodded, and also know the way that followed advancement. The person that still make clear to apply for a job at the same time understands the importance that individual profession plans, and capable to make serious individual decision-making.

Problem: In high pay, commend and promote to a high office between, do you think which kinds of form is the most valuable?

Analysis: We were encountered again here compare trap. If you reply down the train of thought of the person that quiz, then you are defeated surely undoubted. If you choose monetary excel to promote to a high office, that can be regarded as mix after the flesh shortsighted view; Contrary, if you think money is not serious, what because be shown to money,then you meet is chill and by regard as disingenuous.

The mistake replies: Money is so serious to be being done not have for me. I hope I can make contribution to the enterprise, also hope to win necessary award because of this at the same time, commend for instance and promote to a high office.

Comment on: This answer has disingenuous tendency. Want to know the enterprise is profit is consummate substantially. The gain that won't be an enterprise possibly to the person of monetary disinclination is the biggest change work hard.

Reply correctly: To me, these things are close connection, impartible leave. Although I am right money is not infatuate, but I think, as successful, rising and commending occurrence, they also can bring more monetary redound to me certainly.

Comment on: This answer honesty, and not lay, the aspiration of the person that mirrorred to apply for a job, the wise guess that the person that also mirrorred to apply for a job did not succeed to oneself.
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