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See the difference of outback university from examination questions of harbor be
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Harbor bedding face tries a title, always can feel with what find everything new and fresh to the person, this is Hong Kong college one with be linked together of the train of thought that choose gift reflect. In the eye of examination questions of harbor bedding face last year, if you meet with Hu Jintao's secretary-general,have such as “ , the interest that Beijing of what ” , “ can you say to held the Olympic Games 2008 with him and fraud ” , “ why is Chinese film inferior to Hollywood? The “ such as ” is very fierce the topic of very sensitive ” , it is ancient bronze mirror with this, “ appearing to build ’ of ‘ bird's nest in the face examination questions this year is too wasteful material the topic such as ” , not unexpected.

Inspect thematic “ the examinee of very fierce very sensitive ” , correct ” train of thought comes to the “ politics that is habit of student of less than ground certainly unscramble a title, this is the thinking formulary of our be accustomed to sth, namely whatever problem should put “ politics above all the level of correct ” undertakes one time thinking. You may not pay close attention to “ politics, but your subconscious in certainly chronic politics judges ” , party did not realize this even.

But, the thought does not have forbidden zone, what say choose of harbor general election with its is “ the ” of “ politics problem of very fierce very sensitive ” , be inferior to saying is the thinking that inspects outback student for carrier with ” of “ politics problem flexible rate, the examinee that accepts interview certainly then is creative go qualitative. Such face examination questions is not to problem of politics of a certain “ in press student ” undertakes footing make known one's position, however whether does the thinking that with respect to such “ the topic of sensitive ” inspects a student get the influence of thinking formulary even confine, after all, should try education and quality to teach the biggest difference to depend on, former should be measured with standard answer with normative examinee, and the creativity that latter arouses a student with uncertainty.

These titles are the theme that has open sex extremely, open sex means the right answer that did not set beforehand, without the distinction of dispute, think of differentiate only whether can “ justifies oneself the actor bad of ” . If interview takes an examination of an official, apply mechanically harbor is greatly, we do not care about “ of the answer correct, care about a student how to convey his answer however. The ability of a person mixes ” go qualitative, in open sex considers differentiate issue in, the likelihood gets making an on-the-spot investigation very well, examinee whether the bad of logistic ability actor of language of the idea that conveys him effectively, organization, can reveal in the problem that does not have right answer so take in everything in a glance.
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