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How should interview problem answer?
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1, self introduction

Master your speech time. 1—2 minute relatively appropriate. It is an added ingredient with resume, expand rich company understands yours, but cannot excursive 10 thousand lis, hitting the mark is big principle.

2, what is the college courses that you like most? Why?

The course related the position that you should apply for compose a quarrel, those who behave oneself is true-blue without what disadvantage.

3, what is the college courses that you like least of all? Why?

I must say “ is the major Cheng of our university, although I know they are routine only public affairs, but on classroom inanimate, teacher and student just want to boil this semester ” .

4, what amateur activity had you entered?

Since had better be to let a person feel you play,there is no lack of artifice, emphasize those need the group cooperates and heading the activity of ability very much most so.

5, what is your hobby?

Search a few abound of organization collaboration spirit, here has a real story: Somebody is overruled, because his hobby is deep-sea dive. Official of be in charge of an examination says: Because this is activity of a single person, I dare not affirm him whether get used to group work.

6, how are you to know our invite applications for a job of this position?

If you are the message that from company interior someone place asks about to come back, remember alluding his name, the company does not say partial interior concerns not to represent it nonexistent.

7, do you know our company?

Only way is information of company of collect of time of the flower before interview, go examine company homepage or going to the library on the net message of look up trade. Company scope of business, dimensions, year the fundamental condition such as history of level of quality of structural frame of layer of figure of accrual, credit, management, employee, technology, company and company concept all answer know sth like the palm of one's hand. Seek the issue that gives you to be interested, enter the mouth to cut with this, the discussion that leads you and interview official is centered to a bit, let him tell you more.

8, why are you willing to join our company?

Do not discuss your demand first, discuss the demand of the company, you are willing to blend in a company, you are willing to face the problem that in managing, appears together with the company and appropriate processing, the development that you are willing to be in a company expands in use up oneself one minute meager strength.

9, what can you do for the company? Can you make unique contribution?

You answer connection associate with the successful experience that handles an issue, emphasize your do a job with skill and ease when facing similar problem. Experience grants you are how-to, experience endows with your inspiration, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, comprehend by analogy. Let the past and prospective echo each other at a distance, protruding shows oneself value.
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