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8 the worst answers when interview
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Interview itself it doesn't matter is alarming, unless you are right,this job is longed for long already. And you need to remember only, interview when it is good to should let you look appearance, appear adequately self-confident, and say right thing, do not say any wrong words, and this also is not the golden rule that observes very hard it seems that, unless you will encounter a problem that touchs wide of the mark. Very fortunately, in hour of the insecurity when your interview, you still can remember your name. Not pained. If you are preparing to go interview, what you need to accomplish is only, say right word, accomplish as far as possible do not say below 8 wrong words.

1, I am fed up with " the boss previously. ”

Your boss will be a wretch, ” of his main " contribution appears even if become your life bitter can't bear character. Apparent, you need not refer these things. A few because of too honest and the word of a few mistakes that speak, although be praiseworth, however, ask you not to want recommit this kind is wrong, these rubbish talk uselessly, be useless and of look down upon letting a person.

"If you really very a boss that is fed up with you, I ought to prepare such explanations, why to get on to organize management and human relation not to suit you. ” case Lin Molan (GregMoran) expresses, company of technology of a person of outstanding ability is in charge of the director of sale and human relations, "Next, you must explain what kind of organization and administrative style may agree with you. ”

2, I do not understand " you. ”

When organic meeting tries, interview official will ask you know our company what. If you say not to know this company, interview official will suspect why you apply for this position, whether be for money only, profession of and rather than.

"With the Lin Molan of technical ” case now (GregMoran) thinks, "Say without any excuse you do not know this company, unless you too too lazy or plan ability is disappointing, and this is not a feature that place of latent capacity employee ought to be had. ”

3, " not, I ask you without the problem. ”

If you do not have a problem to ask interview the official, explain you may not know this company, this is the signal that lacks interest to company condition. Interview official can answer the likelihood a problem related to position, if you are right the is interested in the future word of this position, you ought to ponder over a few problems to ask.

"Go in you before interview, want to survey this company one time well, ” case Lin Molan (GregMoran) proposal, "Understand foreground of the commercial pattern of this company, development and personnel. Had these news, can let you obtain a few problems to be in the hand, premise is these problems won't be forgotten by you. ”

4, I may need " off number day.

"Our everybody needs the life or do a few other private affairs of course, a lot of employer also can understand this. However, if you put forward, this the time that may turn discussion individual into private affairs, ” Mo Lan suggests, "Before discussing pay or offerring post, put forward to want off job. ” why? Because off sentence is involved when interview, such, may give a person too too proud impression.
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