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If interview dates trap of vigilant prodding sb into action
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Interview pole dates like. Applicant hopes to find a boss that can understand him good point, unit of choose and employ persons hopes to be able to find outstanding partner. After unfamiliar both sides meets, the good point that wants to try hard to show oneself in brief what one says during a conversation, speak clever word or present a very strong reaction instantly, so that leave good impression to the other side. Interview, what both sides plays is a riddle actually.

Interview official for will not “ chooses poor man ” , perhaps can set a variety of language trap in interview, bear in order to explore ability of your wisdom, disposition, meet an emergency and psychology ability. Interview person have get behind only such language trap, ability is careful and clever ground steer clear of it, will not grow directly go in.

With the language pit that ” of “ prodding sb into action covers. This is interview official uses the idiomatic technique that eliminates major applicant. Introduce the interview official of this kind of gimmick, the eyes that often can use suspicion, acerb, aggressive before the query gazes at the other side, line of defence of psychology of shilling the other side step by step beat a precipitate retreat, next by surprise irritates with an apparently chilly ask a question the other side.

Be like: “ your experience is too pure, and what we need is the person ” with seasoned society, “ your disposition is too indrawn, this is afraid the profession with us is improper ” , the graduate of school of famous brand of “ our need, you are not be graduated from ” of famous brand school, “ the position that how your major applies for with place is incorrect mouth? ”

Face the ask a question of this kind of aggressive, as applicant, what should accomplish above all is do not want ” be irritatinged by “ anyhow, if you are irritated by “ ” , so you already play away. So, face such ask a question, how to receive action?