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How to receive interview opportunely sweet potato of 7 old very hot hands
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Interview official is bad that “ copes with ” , this already became everybody's consensus. Besides should introduce yourself besides so run-of-mill groovy problem, they still can cast an a series of sensitive, awkwardness to you, the question that cannot answer at all even. Face this “ of each arise suddenly to iron ” of hand sweet potato, as graduate how should be you received enrol?

“ irons one of ” of hand sweet potato: Talk about your defect?

Inspect a key: Your sincere letter is spent how, and you match rate with what apply for position.

Before taking an examination of, coach: Should know have skill ground answer, the position that choice and you apply for talks without the defect of conflict. Want to apply for a sale for instance, the weakness that cannot say you with respect to ten million is not to be pooh-poohed is communicated, otherwise you may be dropped by PASS immediately. Want to know, expose to the sun oneself its are short also should expose to the sun ably.

Referenced answer:

1, I do “ its speed is compared occasionally slow, but I can consider every thing very considerate mix perfect, I think, to financial work, meticulous and do not make mistake, it is most crucial. ”

2, my this individual does “ occasionally thing too be particular about is perfect, like oneself to give oneself force, but because,also be this individual character, my plan always can receive the client's nod approval. ”

3, “ my friend often is done very irritatedly by me, say me too pester a person, but I feel, as the sale for, have this kind of indomitable tenacity, can succeed after all. ”

” of sweet potato of “ very hot hand 2: Devoid experience, how are you competent this job?

Inspect a key: Reaction ability, how to face actual defect and dilemma.

Before taking an examination of, coach: Want to admit this is your current limit above all, but this is an objective element. College graduate did not walk into a society formally, cannot accumulate rich working experience.

The 2nd, list oneself to become the dominant position of this job. One is your itself has the temperamental kind that matchs to it. For instance you apply for a sale, so you should reveal yourself optimistic extroversion, be good at communicating, the personality with strong conviction; If you apply for manpower resource to manage, you can explain you have affinity very much.

Another, it is to show oneself had had relevant exercitation experience or student work experience. Apply for manager assistant for instance, you can explain you once held the position of student union chairman, have the constituent capacity that comparative and appeal power.

Referenced answer:

1, “ although I never had become manpower resource assistant, but, I become a team leader in the school when, on the class internally external a lot of things, it is will appear personally by me of processing, teacher very the ability that admires me to handle an issue, classmates are very trustful also I, what thing is willing to be recounted to me, seek a help. ”
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