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N of interview of foreign enterprise English standing problem
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Want to seek a satisfactory job? Outside be being faced in foreign enterprise interview the country quizs like boss continuous firing, feel to lose one's balance, not know what to do? Interview of look forward to of China and foreign countries of process of to apply for a job is attached most importance to especially should, answer a question, if can crisp, sincerity is critical, accord with foreigner taste, so admit an opportunity sure increase greatly. Of course, some problems, also want mention lightly, lest character is broken surely more. A cento appear in a certain number of foreign enterprise interview the issue with higher frequency and wonderful answer, the hope can aid your a helping hand on road of your to apply for a job.

Q: Can You Sell Yourself In Two Minutes? Go For It. (Can be you recommended in ego of dichotomy bell 內 ? Bold try! Bold try!!

A: With My Qualifications And Experience, I Feel I Am Hardworking, responsible And Diligent In Any Project I Undertake. Your Organization Couldbenefit From My Analytical And Interpersonal Skills. (According to my qualification and experience, each project that I feel I am engaged in to place very effort, responsible, assiduous. My analytic ability and the skill that get along with the person, need to expensive unit valuable. Need to expensive unit valuable..

Q: Give Me A Summary Of Your Current Job Description. (To your current job, whether do a wraparound specification. Whether do a wraparound specification..

A: I Have Been Working As A Computer Programmer For Five Years. To Bespecific, I Do System Analysis, trouble Shooting And Provide Softwaresupport. (The computer programmer that I did 5 years. Specifically, I do systems analysis, solve problem and software to supply the support of the respect. Solve problem and software to supply the support of the respect..

Q: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? (Why do you leave your post? (Why do you leave your post??

A: Well, I Am Hoping To Get An Offer Of A Better Position. If Opportunityknocks, I Will Take It. (I hope to be able to win a better job, if the opportunity comes, I can be captured. I can be captured..

A: I Feel I Have Reached The "glass Ceiling" In My Current Job. / I Feelthere Is No Opportunity For Advancement. (I feel to work at present, had reached peak, did not have preferment opportunity namely. Did not have preferment opportunity namely..

Q: How Do You Rate Yourself As A Professional? (How is you evaluate yourself a professional? (How is you evaluate yourself a professional??

A: With My Strong Academic Background, I Am Capable And Competent. (Depend on my good learning background, I can be competent oneself job, and I think I am very competitive. And I think I am very competitive..

A: With My Teaching Experience, I Am Confident That I Can Relate To Studentsvery Well. (According to my teaching experience, what I believe to be able to get along with the student is very good. What I believe to be able to get along with the student is very good..
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