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To apply for a job enrols newly: Ask information to the boss
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Xiaomei is a “ sea put in ” 's charge, a master's degree of market control was taken in American university, was in ground of a complacent after half an year of big company exercitation to return a country again. Think the good-paying job that seeks an ideal does not have a problem formerly, but, after a few resume are sent, be not heard of any more however. Hunt head firm makes many telephone calls actively however, but a few times the contact comes down, she also did not encounter satisfaction. Pass partly in an instant, in small Mei Xin very anxious, do not wish to reduce social status to retreat again and beg next, how should she do?

Xiaomei's circumstance is a general issue, be in especially in in senior talented person very common. On one hand, they know the affirmation on obtain employment market has the place that suits them; On the other hand, unit of a lot of choose and employ persons is in every day to do not have right talented person affliction. But the way of both ends of join supply and demand is not very expedite however. Sending resume is basic method, but resume wants those who pass manpower resource ministry to choose, the skill of senior talented person has certain specific characteristics in, very much important quality is on resume and cannot mirror instead directly come. Although hunt head firm is more active, but because purpose sex is stronger, return those who have interest factor to drive, the person that it is to apply for a job considers not quite much.

For this, xiaomei found duty field expert to do second seek advice, below the guidance that consults adviser in the profession, xiaomei begins to draft a special mail. The letter is to be written to to just was known before long of chief inspector of consumable company market, the Xiaomei on the letter introduced his case roughly, means wants to meet with him, ask him to introduce the case of current market position, help oneself give an idea. The resume that returns him attach finally. As a result of the first time when meeting, resemble to small Mei Yin pretty good, do not have the pressure of interview again, chief inspector restricted meeting time happily. When meeting, the respect that Xiaomei is good at his idea and place is conveyed as far as possible come out, chief inspector listens very to have fun at, analysed current condition to her, finally, chief inspector recommended a few friends that make the market, suggest Xiaomei goes looking for them to chat. In the middle of this small plum one's heart's desire. Because had the commendation of chief inspector, xiaomei is very easy ground bring into contact with character of a few materiality, taste the manager feel like old friends at the first meeting of the industry very quickly with a luxury. Manager very appreciate Xiaomei, established a senior position newly for her in the company designedly.

Method of this kind of to apply for a job calls ” of interview of type of “ information ask, the person that compare the to apply for a job of the high level in suiting, the characteristic is: Find the friend of 3 two relevant domains above all, by its the introduction knows crucial governor; The purpose is with to apply for a job when interview, and it is a purpose in order to enquire pertinent information, lend machine understanding more straightforward information; Can ask the other side to recommend a few relevant person understanding again finally, ordinary other people won't refuse. Such, you are OK bring into contact with more relevant controller, more opportunities make sufficient communication, show oneself ability and think of a way. Wait for hare compared with Li Shouzhu is in the home, such practice efficiency wants to go up high a lot of times. This kind of interview is the most important is not to give “ of the other side the pressure that you want him to offer working ” . Of course, this just obtains the means of the opportunity one kind, to apply for a job person oneself real capability and the element that the level just is a crucial action.
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