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Madcap to apply for a job is make public or self-confidence
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Of an average college big 4 schoolgirls, rely on to do not have “ cover ” , only the “ of two pages paper is vulgar ” resume, attend the talent invite applications for a job of many cities to meet again and again, be servantchoosed a person for a job by many 10 repeatedly unexpectedly the ” in unit “ photograph, do not have this schoolgirl of art ” because of “ spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else finally, be obliged an one domestic “ makes an apology ” !

“ is additional kind schoolgirl ” is called Song Haishu, connect cloud Hongkong's person, english of institute of raise big foreign language 0303 big 4 students. Arrive since last year November now, two many short lunar time, xiaosong attended the Yangzhou, Nanjing, much field qualified personnel that waits for a city without stannum invite applications for a job is met, the “ of unit of person of 10 more than family expenses that signs up is applied for so successful, I also say the reason bad, the likelihood is to compare ‘ special ’ , my resume special ‘ is vulgar ’ , without cover, have two pieces of paper only, instead very ‘ draws ’ person. Besides this, the likelihood is me ‘ is too mad ’ , left deep impression to unit of choose and employ persons. Natural and graceful of ” Song Haishu, language fast very fast, often still appear 9 English.

The reporter sees, on Xiaosong's resume besides can outside a few posts that “ proves him ” and catalog of bear the palm, it is the speech of madcap ” of too much “ . No matter “ still is in in class campus, I am ‘ celebrity ’” , “ I am an a horse that covers a thousand li a day, those who lack is Bai Le ” only, “ gives me a chance, I can be gotten like student union chairman certainly run the fellow student is same, run the aggressive of character of foremost face ”…… in the group, read will make a person believe meeting out hard the hand of a dignified and comely schoolgirl.

Song Haishu introduces, 10 much housekeeping money have key middle school in person unit, have a foreign enterprise, have a government sector, besides an unit, the others is express intention of choose and employ persons clearly on the spot. And that national level key that does not have stannum sets an example the school, did not see oneself resume at that time, claim to be interested in ” to “ of native and graduate student, doctoral student only, be informed oneself to come from North Jiangsu, and it is an undergraduate students when, appear some “ are cool ” , but receive next resume, pass after communicating, made a telephone call actively still the following day.

The reporter understands, in Song Haishu “ the backside of madcap ” , still be her solid and fine integrated quality acts well in “ ” , on the resume of two pages paper, the certificate of bear the palm of match of speech of fellowship of student union chairman, high specified number, national English have the “ that comparative to contain Troy ” , and the Xiaosong in applying for's bright and clear and self-confident disposition, active thinking, fluent English expression makes her naturally show itself in applicant.
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