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Undergraduate part-time job makes money be not principal motivation
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Summer vacation arrived, undergraduate part-time job lifted a climax one round again. “ be oblivious of the outside world, of one mind is read-only the life of the tower of ivory of ” of book of sages and men of virtue becomes the past already, be what attracts an undergraduate to do a part-time job after all? Has difficulty encountered when they hold two or more posts concurrently?

Recently, an investigation that Chinese youth newspaper office can investigate a center to teach channel undertake to 1649 people through Tecent net shows, the person of 73.5% has done a part-time job, the person of 69.6% thinks the part-time job can enhance the knowledge to the society, lay a foundation for the job henceforth.

My spoken English does “ namely when holding two or more posts concurrently, practice comes out. The Nie Dan of ” Shanghai university is only daughter, parents gives her living cost more than sufficient, but she does a part-time job very gladly however. Once, she sees English of school placard invite applications for a job can be exhibited formal, the heart wants to be able to lend this practice experienced spoken language, went with respect to toughen one's scalp-brace oneself. As a result this tries to send irremediable, if have,can drill only later colloquial part-time job, she always is ground of leave no stone unturned is striven for come over. Be less than 3 months, she had chatted very can adeptly with the foreigner.

In investigation, what is should asking about the first goal that does a part-time job when, the person of 35.6% considers as exercise individual ability, the person of 34.9% considers as increase social experience, the person of 25.8% does a part-time job is to make money, the person of 24.0% expresses when to choosing a part-time job to work, want to be able to make money only, other be indifferent to. Although make money,not be the first reason, but the fund that the of 58.2% person in the public that participates in investigation represents to gain brushstroke belongs to him completely, very successful feeling.

Began in March from this year, xiaozhao of student of major of Chinese of Beijing some college is weekly 6, weekday was about to set out from the school at 12 o'clock midday, take 342 buses to arrive south young road mouth, teach 3 one children with Korean home to learn Chinese, every time 4 hours, two the world will to be able to make 300 money.

Although very painstaking, money is not much also, but Xiaozhao thinks this portion family education is engaged in to his thinking later external Chinese teaching job is very helpful. The work of real physical power that “ resembles and so on of handbill of sales promotion, hair, I also won't go to again much money do. ” Xiaozhao says.

Investigation shows, when choice part-time job works, the person apt part-time job of 54.5% wants to be able to reflect individual ability and value, do not care about major whether speak or sing alternately, the person apt of 29.1% holds two or more posts concurrently with what major concerns, 26.1% apt can accumulate the part-time job of person arteries and veins.
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