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Jing of college graduate to apply for a job shows " 3 a group of things with com
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Undergraduate obtain employment is the focus that a lot of people pay close attention to all the time, among them most the parents of the graduate of nothing is more... than that the heart cuts, more than 10 years endure all kinds of hardships offers the child attend a college, who does not hope whose child can find a good job? Then, in process of to apply for a job, we always can see parental sign, they provide economic source for graduate, seek a relationship, queue up even. Before numerous fact, no wonder somebody exclamations, undergraduate obtain employment enters ” of “ father times.

Gnaw old a group of things with common features

Course of study of small Lin Bi is quick a year. With others nervously to apply for a job, what conscientiously job differs is, her from the start had not considered working issue. Because the family is wealthy, the Xiaolin after graduation passes not short of moneyly. Current, the fund that Xiaolin plans to use parents buys a house in Guangzhou, convenient the following job lives.

Abandon obtain employment actively like this kind, not only basic necessities of life relies on parents completely, and the person that cost does not poor, say on duty field gnaw for “ old a group of things with common features ” , their age is in 23 ~ is 30 years old between. According to investigation, generation “ is gnawed old a group of things with common features the main reason of ” , the duty field person of 27% considers as “ college graduate to be opposite ” of obtain employment preciosity, the person of 20.8% considers as “ to do poineering work illusion young, but devoid genuine ability and learning and do not wish to become a person that work. ”

To this, professional adviser suggests, undergraduate obtain employment should formulate is highest target and lowermost target, blend in a society after all, blending in duty field is the first pace that the career flies. And imagine to doing poineering work model “ is gnawed old a group of things with common features ” , professional adviser points out, there should be to make an on-the-spot investigation in the round before doing poineering work, affirm feasibility, consult the person that has experience more, him promotion does poineering work the successful rate of the project.

Relation a group of things with common features

Wang Juan (alias) read at Guangzhou some university news is fastened, want to look for a media to become reporter, editor in Guangzhou when graduation, but unfortunate is, apply for 3 two media to was brushed to fall in first try. Fortunately to apply for a job at the beginning of, wang Juan asks parents to tackle key problem in the urban “ of home town ” . Finally, wang Juan still returned home town to become a journalist in a newspaper.

To the “ in to apply for a job ” of relation a group of things with common features, numerous graduate thinks this is the “ on duty field goes regular ” . Professional adviser points out, not better than of “ relation ” an a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success, give you a few advantage, what right duty field leans still is your core competition ability.
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