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My " joys and sorrows of life " course of to apply for a job
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Say to apply for a job is painstaking, hard to avoid should see the look of others. But the “ complexion ” with this many colorful appearance looks much, also can yet be regarded as a kind of unexpected results. In me the phase of assault fortified positions with the busiest to apply for a job, should pay a formal visit on average every week 2.5 HR personages, the “ complexion ” that consults 2.5 kinds differ. Among them, make me impressive with the elegant demeanour of ” of young lady of “ human affairs especially. They know a ceremony, and do not break astute, bright, be full of individual character again. If have an outstanding director, according to my knowledge, pat the name is " human affairs young lady " TV series, maybe is compared " public relations young lady " more surging forward with great momentum, than " merman young lady " more close inspect hot.

Write down, in me most in the years of to apply for a job of ” of “ one hungry is not choosy about his food, I ever was squeezed wear three-layer multitude, his resume a place of strategic importance arrives in the hand of human affairs young lady of group of a house property. Just when I am erect back, clear larynx ends, ground of preparative reverent and respectful when self introduction, that amazingly quick and efficient human affairs young lady around process still is less than the ”——— of politely resume “ return sth to its owner in good condition me 45 seconds. Face my slightly to show awkward expression, she says: “Jason(is apparent, she already read through resume, took my basic message. Let me at this o'clock feel kind fully) , thank your enthusiasm to our company very much. But, house property course of study is the profession with an intense competition, need those to fill go-getting person, one step by step, hit bloodily go all out come out. I think your individual character may suit not quite. So, I am sorry. ” this with the word “ of powerful, justifiable however geniculate persuades to retreat ” to say to get ” of my “ be sincerely convinced on the spot. After the event, the mother that gives birth to me to raise me repeatedly is right also she straight from the shoulder the tunnel defeats my disposition and click of the tongue says to surprise. Probably young lady of body humanness thing, necessary a pair of piercing eye that see clearly popular feeling.

Had this experience, I begin “ to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses ” , the choice suits his professional territory. As expected, the situation changes greatly, the conversational bout of I and human affairs young ladies also increasingly grow in quantity. In the interview of some famous cosmetic company, a human affairs young lady that hairstyle restores ancient ways after combing Egypt admires uses English, French, mandarin and Shanghai word and me to be enrolled too one by one early or late, just when my “ exhausts ” of Lv of exhaust of essence of life, when thinking test ends soon, she laughs mysteriously again, gave please dish of move the female colleague of big hair worn in a bun or coil like Qu Ji, say to want to be opposite again with me German. For a short while, I can't help lying to the tiger hides dragon ” and feel abysmal for the “ here, also go up in the language link of interview first ” of “ meet one's match in a contest. Expect the human affairs young lady before, it is to be tempered into a steel, all-round.
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