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Do how before to apply for a job calm " perfect equipment "
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On market of unpredicatable to apply for a job, competing excessive live the instantly with increasingly austere condition, does your to apply for a job prepare to had been done? The first pace, the investment of to apply for a job that views you first is sufficient.

Primary equipment

Charge of suit, traffic, resume

Expenditure: 500 differ to 2000 yuan

Suffer seek a person: Xi Jia, liberal art schoolgirl, undergraduate course graduates

This year's graduates that I was last year, the beginning of the year begins to rush about for the job to Shanghai this year. Because be in Shanghai to do not have acquaintance, so also the opportunity with respect to give sb a present of ask for help of it doesn't matter, can be to attend invite applications for a job to meet only. Every time my metropolis pitching ten even two resume, come down to imprint in all the expenditure of resume is not little also, probably more than 100 money. Actually, the largest brushstroke expenses still buys the clothes. Because I do not like to wear professional clothing, always feel beautiful to money buys professional suit to be not worn at ordinary times so, very not be to one's profit, the dress collocation that bought two design to expert only so is worn, it is 200 money left and right sides in all. Traffic cost is more economic, going out to apply for commonly is to take bus or subway, basically had not made a car, always feel too extravagant, had not earned money to spend money, some are hated to part with.

Suffer seek a person: Xiaowang, liberal art schoolboy, undergraduate course graduates, shanghai some state-owend enterprise works now

To apply for a job, I am journey north and south almost: Train ticket of …… of Guangzhou, Beijing, Dalian assemble a dozen. I apply for a job is more very arrangement helps in the home, the working chance with say which place has what good in the home has acquaintance concern again, I try with respect to the past. Only myself seeks this Shanghai job, did not think of to be become instead. When I apply for a job, travelling expenses is expense is the biggest. Shanghai is too big, go to a company how does interview also get ten yuan back and forth. A month comes down, it is a not little responsibility really to still doing not have the student of graduation.

Intermediate equipment

Penalty due to breach of contract

Cost range: Do not exceed the salary of the first month

Suffer seek a person: Cici, liberal art schoolgirl, undergraduate course graduates, reside Guangzhou now

I am read big 4 when, a big company comes to the school enrol a person, very lucky, I was admitted. But report for duty later, I am to be overcome really the military training before mount guard. The boy friend signed as it happens to go to Guangzhou about, I decide to leave here. Say normally, had reported for duty the problem of nonexistent penalty due to breach of contract, say I had not signed a contract again. But company very “ clever ” , they say to if want to leave,be about to hand in now groom cost: 3000 yuan. It is more expensive than MBA really! Do not have method, my archives, registered permanent residence is in this company, always have to want. But I just graduated at that time, which have so much money? Looked for a good friend to borrow Qian Cai to fill eventually later went up.
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