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To apply for a job fastens project of too zealous face
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To make the road of to apply for a job more unobstructed, heart of many university heat build-up transform ” of “ face project, even a few high school are unripe also in advance enters ” of “ plastics main forces.

Manpower resource expert reminds, appearance is advantage of to apply for a job on one hand, but individual ability often more important.

[experience] interview official looks one second I am rejected

“ walks into the office the first second of interview in me, ‘ is spoken in me hello of ’ flashy, interview manager says to me: ‘ feels embarrassed, you we do not have such circumstance method consideration! ’ that momently, I am very afflictive really, I do not have the opportunity of any speeches, go up because of my face this scar! ” is on net of this year's unripe to apply for a job, fragrant fragrant the experience that writes down her. Original, encounter traffic accident in one's childhood, a very big scar leaves on her face, because economic reason fails to do plastic surgery all the time, this scar brought boundless trouble for her choose course of study. During school, she chooses to do a part-time job, but always be rejected, she has gotten allotting in burning sun propagandist only chance only in nearly 4 years. “ once, the service of part-time job of hotel invite applications for a job near the school is unripe, I also went, the result still is rejected, I do not have even the opportunity that washs bowl, upright dish ……”

During school, fragrant fragrant still teach oneself news to learn all the time, the student union that is in an institute publicizes a ministry to assume person in charge of something, it is the outstanding student in eye of teacher, classmate. Nevertheless, all these cannot add on a bit impression to divide to her to apply for a job. All “ people tell me, I have an opportunity. But I always am rejected to be outside unit door by merciless ground. I made arduous efforts ten years, result such? ”

The reporter is contacted subsequently fragrant. Because take an examination of,grind, she from to apply for a job begins after year. During this, she is not can go up in invite applications for a job by direct excuse oneself from, the interview that obtains in innumerable trials and hardships of resume of the deliver on the net namely encounters “ second kills ” in the opportunity. “ every time I attend spot invite applications for a job to meet, can take remaining part from the beginning, strive for every job opportunity, but the answer that I get always is ‘ you are very outstanding, I also very value you, but the leader above me approbates ’ very hard. ” fragrant fragrant say, she does not think what blame a destiny blindly is unjust, want to look for a true life starting point only, but this process is too bad.

[phenomenon] 6 add cent for to apply for a job into ” of main forces of “ student plastics
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