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"Undergraduate baby-sitter " increasingly grow in quantity
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As ability of people living standard, consumption rise ceaselessly, the demand that homemaking serves is higher and higher also, the homemaking that has three-year institution of higher learning or undergraduate course record of formal schooling from personnel of course of study much also rise, however domestic tradition idea brings many pressure to their job.

Jubilate homemaking major graduate applies for a job easily

Xiaochen and pieces of small Gang Congqing remote town institute of homemaking of some vocational school graduates, graduation is engaged in homemaking serving personnel to benefit city later. And a few otherer the place look with hard obtain employment of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning is compared, they are much luckier. The graduate supply and demand that in the school the end of the year held 2007 is met on, xiaochen and Xiaozhang by benefit city in look of some homemaking company. Later, two people jackaroo in benefit city, be engaged in “ accompanying job of ” of type family education.

The reporter understands, ” of family education of style of alleged “ company points to knowledge namely model the children that homemaking personnel serves to place undertakes life of body and mind, study wait to coach all-aroundly. Take man-to-man kind 24 hours commonly whole journey company, service content has difficulty of discipline education, key to coach, cheeper psychology seeks advice, the life attends, game motion, right amount housework. Serving a target is 3 ~ 12 years old child family.

Xiaochen is in the home of employer, besides coach outside the child's study, cook even and clean sanitation. The family that Xiaozhang serves is family of a Taiwanese, her duty takes children namely, do not need to do chore, but employer asks to compare to environment of domestic sanitation, household tall, because this uses learns knowledge small pieces, assist employer to decorate household, got the admiration of employer.

The graduate of “ our school has not graduated to be grabbed by ‘ of unit of choose and employ persons ’ in the past, basically find the job that admire in the heart now. ” Xiaochen says. The reporter investigates discovery, a few homemaking companies of our city, no matter be of intermediary property, still be major grooms the company pays attention to the homemaking that solicits tall record of formal schooling to serve a talented person more and more.

Pained family thinks undergraduate dry-nurse does not have face

Although apply for a job not difficult, but Xiaochen and pieces of small very great pressure gave however in the home. My family objects “ all the time I pursue homemaking trade, think this industry inferior to others, know I am admitted by this major at the outset, call for a short while ask I turn professional, but I do not feel this industry loses face, it is a job. ” Xiaozhang mentions the allergy that parents works to oneself appears very pained. She says, working into others family actually is program of her profession career is medium only among them one part, organic meeting wants to become the administrator of homemaking company after.
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