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Kiss all previous interview: Fu is pure warm up of of apricot of the badge that
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On July 22, great Heat. The fine arrives cloudy, atmosphere bureau says highest air temperature 35.2 ℃ .

Afternoon at 2 o'clock, the taxi driver opens air conditioning to the biggest, had slanted the head asks a reporter: Is temperature of “ this road surface afraid of wanted 40 ℃ ? ” this moment, hangzhou some company, 14 youths front of a garment and sit, the interview that just informed they attend morning was pulled open prelusive.

The reporter that arrives hurriedly, the nest looks on on back row seat, 6 years ago, I also fall with the stage heart phut phut jumps like them, yearn for a good job.

This broiling afternoon, they pass through city and come, strive for an opportunity for oneself. In them, somebody sat the bus of several hours, went to this company at 1 o'clock afternoon; In them, somebody examined all as professional as what apply for position business across websites, can sign up for the seat that gives these website companies to be in Hangzhou even; In them, somebody carried the “ about national electron business affairs on the back …… of 915 ” program

The youth that enters a company to make these likely is familiar with the working associate in the future ahead of schedule, this first try does not separate position, let 14 applicant sit in a big assembly room however.

The staff member tells company administration department the reporter, such invite applications for a job, have every months almost, cover sale, technology, editor and general management kind wait for each respects; Want the director on guard of relevant section only, second-round exam phase can be entered instantly after first try, affirmed duty person selected that day.

The reporter made a small count, in 14 applicant yesterday, 2 apply for a driver; The others 12 in, having 6 is a this year's graduates, having 2 is the undergraduate that graduated last year, still 4 had had not brief work experience.

Look from appearance, not easy will this year's unripe with go to departure comes an unripe area: Covering a circle carelessly to get the T-shirt besides the schoolboy that graduates this year outside, major applicant put on short sleeve shirt, just some slant at the profession, some slant at lying fallow.

And look on the resume that offers from them, this year's be born to be paid attention to more emphasize working in the student of school experience and social practice experience; And toward unripe more outstanding oneself working experience, and the understanding degree to applying for post and working tentative plan.

“ is actually in interview process, this year's unripe inferior position is not clear; Nevertheless, after entering office, spirit of collaboration of the working tenacity that they show, method, group can inferior to pass the person of working experience at having slightly. The staff member of ” administration department says so.
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