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The augur on net of undergraduate obtain employment is not desirable
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At present, went to an university again the fastigium of graduate to apply for a job, face obtain employment pressure and the prospect that did not predict, somebody chooses to continue to send resume, also the multifarious network psychology on infatuation checks somebody, with this establish confidence.

The Chen Lei of city of peak of bare of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is the student of a college of run by the local people, face graduate this year. It is early before a few months, she begins to apply for a job together with the classmate. But, because what oneself learn extent of professional obtain employment too narrow, she time and again be thwarted, she what this lets introversion becomes lack self-confidence more and more.

Xiaochen begins to contact very popular in the schoolgirl network psychology to check, the content that this kind of psychology checks includes the field such as career, love, individual character, life. Xiaochen thinks, through this kind of psychology the test can satisfy him the curiosity to future, still can understand the reason that the individual succeeds and fails, get psychological balance. Time is long, xiaochen becomes more and more the result that depends on test of this kind of psychology. The answer of the test is good, a self-confidence is lighted in Xiaochen's heart; If the result of the test is bad, she becomes very depressed.

The phenomenon that exists generally is compared in the youth in the light of this kind, psychology of referral center of psychology of bare peak city seeks advice from division to breath out Sentuya to say, the work out process that psychological test expresses has a scientific level, its have strict, objective explanation as a result, won't only by the person that be measured one replies or behavior has to give judgement. Although be diagnosed in psychology in, psychological test expresses use due also specific aim, and should combine other diagnostic method, ability reachs relatively objective conclusion.

Hasentuya says, it is inactive that undergraduate obtain employment relies on augur with superstition, not desirable. The undergraduate ought to face obtain employment with a kind of active state of mind.