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Undergraduate to apply for a job, day firewood 5 yuan?
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Recently, one professes family circumstances poor, the Wuhan that is heavily in debt between last term some college is big the netizen of 4 students sends post to apply for a job in forum, firewood of the day on the foundation that says “ hopes to eat in the bag only can have 5~10 yuan enough ” . Final, he found a bearer to make. This matter causes a lot of people to pay close attention to. (On July 10 " Chinese youth signs up for " )

Choose industry competition is intense, obtain employment situation is grim. Listen much advisory college graduate should be good at appoint the next figure, voice that drops frame to seek job of to apply for a job, but see this “ begs a bag to eat only encase, day firewood the report of 5 yuan of ” , if be opposite,I still am one of Jing —— state of mind of to apply for a job and requirement, guide piece so a “ cannot bear the result that soldier sees ” , is social community this happy event or this care after all?

However a king that comes from sociology of university of Hua Zhongke ability to fasten surnamed an associate professor to express your opinion, undergraduate obtain employment is difficult now, the behavior of this undergraduate should be to accumulate working experience. He still thinks, will calculate according to the price of the market, the bag eats encase every month also wants 600 multivariate, plus everyday salary, monthly pay is controlled in 1000 yuan, this also is a lot of undergraduates what duty field can accept is enter first. Hear this character, I am standing to talk without “ of associate professor of meaning censure king of course not the waist is fond of ” . Nevertheless, the undergraduate of mug of a cold window, day of firewood still leans after graduation 5 yuan bearer goes accumulating experience, do not know to be able to accumulate a what experience really. Be considerate ground asks in reply, after the child college that if teachs graduates, also plant with this duty field is entered at the beginning of means, accumulate experience, can he still bear with equanimity ground calm “ judges ” ?

What the university on “ work laboriously still comes as family secure advantages through influence finally is fierce! Who comes to this kind of circumstance responsible? ” returns be a netizen to follow post and comment, can see one of essence of the problem quite. Firewood of undergraduate “ day are 5 yuan of ” to accumulate experience to still announce after all unjust? Already was really need not evasive the topic with dare not or would not speak up. No less than has complaint type speech of the netizen, some are having the undergraduate of ” of Mom of “ good father, although merely mediocre,read, but the influence with parents and relation, after graduation however often very “ popular ” . And picture in front mention that wants backer to do not have the backer, impoverished undergraduate that looks for knack to do not have knack, removing course of study to come is to say thousands of words really, consider by every possible means, have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships, often also be to meet with constantly be rebuffed, everywhere by desolate. Full taste frustrated, equipment to feel helpless under, beg only need to come with satisfying the basiccest ego to live “ walks along duty field ” , the “ that also is a kind of have no alternative it seems that saves oneself ” of type obtain employment. Such obtain employment, some is the plan that finds a place for temporarily only, those who seek is the life that has held out difficulty only, which have what the professor unplugs tall “ accumulates experience ” to wish!
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