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Pay of our country pilot and abroad are 10 times poorer
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“ of the branch austral Dong Hangyun returns to base incident ” makes the trouble between labor and management between airline and air man is highlighted further. In last few years, no matter country the large state-owend enterprise such as boat or Dong Xing burgeoning civilian battalion airline, because air man wants,always raise wage ceaselessly, want “ to find new job ” and produce contradiction to hit a lawsuit even. Is pilot pay high after all be low? Why does airline limit air man flow? Demand exceeds supply when can contradiction alleviate?

Pilot pay is not provided high with the developed country can compare a gender

In all previous dispute, always air man complains pay is low, and airline emphasizes pilot pay already very tall, undertake going up moving again hard. After all this how is look upon current the pay of air man?

The reporter understands from the civil aviation bureau, at present the yearly salary of air man from ten differ to 7789 yuan. This basically depends on hour of the post class of air man itself and its flight route, flight.

After air man graduates from boat school, should drive through second mate, the first pair drives, skipper ans outpost of the tax office a few times, be in next achieve pilot just can be taken an examination of after skill level has a certain quantity of flight hour quite. Next, air man income also suffers the effect of a flying course. Normally hold the air man income of flying international course wants line of prep above home, in domestic line, the income summary prep above of flying artery flies the income of branch line.

Nevertheless, the reporter understands from Dong Hang, the enterprise is intense to air man contention in recent years, each airline is raising air man wage, state-owned company still has welfare to divide the pay such as the room, it is without computation inside pay.

There is air man to express before this, with photograph of foreign person of the same trade

Than, income differs severalfold even 10 times. To this, administrator of Dong Hang expresses, this should consider Chinese national condition and consumption level on one hand, also want to see on the other hand, majority of our country air man gives money training by country or enterprise, and other country a lot of air man are loan or him contributive attend groom, both is not provided can compare a gender.

Air man why difficult flow

Investment of airline in advance is large

Air man cannot flow freely is one of focuses with civil aviaton contradictory labour and capital. The working chance with be sought flow of labour force freedom, better ought to say unimpeachable, can you be why should airline set a variety of barriers?

As we have learned, charter of flight of past our country has district sex, limitted the air man flow between different airline. 2004, the civil aviaton total bureau at that time issues new whole nation's current flight license, make air man becomes a possibility in the flow inside countrywide limits, airline establishs civilian battalion in succession later, begin to dig person ” with high pay “ .
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