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Graduate needs to prevent " try out " trap
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Come day after day, the reporter interviews the discovery when a few universities in try out of unit of choose and employ persons are graduate in investigation, individual business is playing the banner of ” of “ learn on job, college of frequent enroach on closes right increase graduately.

Xiaowang is to be stationed in aid some college accountant fastens graduate, began Jinan in March from this year some unit try out, to now already 7 many months, but the unit still is not made an appointment with with his autograph. The reporter seeks advice from this unit chief, the answer says: “ country has a regulation, undergraduate novitiate is a year. ”

As we have learned, like Xiaowang such experience is in provincial capital is relatively common. Reviewing take an examination of grinding small Song Ceng in Shandong Jinan a medical apparatus and instruments sells ” of company “ learn on job nearly 9 months, because connect,basic living expenses cannot be ensured finally, be obliged to be forced to leave. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, for cheap use undergraduate labour force, unit of a few choose and employ persons is adopted extend the work time, way that increase workload and does not grow labor firewood fulfil, the person that let try out shrink back from difficulties, “ fries unit squid ” .

Be try out or learn on job? Reporter at this point the problem interviewed safeguard of Shandong Jinan labor and human affairs branch. According to introducing, this year in Feburary, give birth to obtain employment to promote a college to graduate, the six ministries and commissions such as ministry of national occurrences in human life came on stage " about building the announcement of system of learn on job of college graduate obtain employment " , on the foundation of environment of the working station that stipulates each district wants to inspecting unit of choose and employ persons seriously, work, what have conditional qualification enthusiasm is enterprise or business unit, it is unit of learn on job certainly. Reputation is good, have it is actual strength, OK to receive learn on job to give birth to several generouses unit hang out one's shingle, become ” of base of “ learn on job. Deadline of college graduate learn on job is 6 months commonly, the longest do not exceed a year. Bureau of Jinan town occurrences in human life tells a reporter about chief, jinan city is being pressed at present " announcement " the requirement undertakes fulfilling, plan actively base of learn on job of college graduate obtain employment, but up to now, enterprise or business without still the unit builds base of formal learn on job, accordingly socially ” of learn on job of so called “ is to violate of compasses.

Jinan heart justice Wang Xin of attorney office solicitor thinks, novitiate and probation are distinguishing. " labor law " the formulary article that has probation, namely “ probation is the longest must not exceed 6 months. ” so, it suffers " labor law " standard. And novitiate is in " labor law " in normative without relevant provision, do not suffer this law to adjust so. In active law, do not have specific provision to the right between novitiate, obligation.
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